Statiq EV Chargers are well-known charging stations in the Indian EV Industry. Statiq has been given a contract by Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. for 253 EV chargers, which they will deploy on four significant highway projects across the nation.
REL will install and maintain the charger across the nation after receiving the charger from Statiq.

The four major highway projects connecting Meerut-Gangotri, Agra-Lucknow, Chennai-Bellary, and Mangaldai-Wakro are where these 253 EV chargers will be located. Before this, Statiq’s EV chargers had already been installed electric vehicles chargers in several cities, including Jaipur, Beawar, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Jodhpur, where they had been in use for a while.

With the help of this deal, Statiq chargers will also be installed on motorways, resulting in a network of four-wheeler charging stations that are reasonably priced, easily accessible, and dependable. Although Statiq will be in charge of maintaining the overall quality and upkeep of the equipment for the following three years, REIL’s purchase of EV chargers is an outright sale.

By promoting electric mobility and supporting charging infrastructure across the country, REIL has taken the lead in fortifying the EV charging infrastructure in the country. Under the FAME India Scheme Phase II, REIL has been actively collaborating with the state and federal governments to improve the nation’s EV charging infrastructure to promote increased uptake of EVs.

In this deal, Statiq will provide 210 fast chargers with a charging capacity of more than 50kW and 43 with a charging capacity of more than 100kW to enable four-wheeler EV charging on the highways, easing range anxiety and enabling EV owners to drive long distances.

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