Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility and Evera Cabs Join Hands to Create 200 EV Charging Points in Delhi

Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility and Evera Cabs Join Hands to Create 200 EV Charging Points in Delhi

Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility and Evera Cabs Join Hands to Create 200 EV Charging Points in Delhi


Prakriti E-Mobility (Evera), a company that uses only electric cars for taxis, is teaming up with Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Ltd (ATEL) to build places where electric cars can easily and reliably get charged. They’re planning to create 200 charging stations for electric vehicles in a big center in Delhi. 

This plan is important because it will help make electric cars more popular and also help the environment by reducing pollution. Right now, there aren’t many places to charge electric cars, but this plan comes at a time when more people want to use electric cars. This partnership wants to make it easier for electric taxis to be used all over India. 

They will focus on putting charging spots on important roads, offices, and other places where cars can charge quickly. This will help fill the gaps in the places where electric cars can get charged.

“We are excited to join hands with Prakriti E-Mobility Limited (Evera) in developing this prestigious project in the Delhi-NCR region, further strengthening our long-term strategic partnership. We are already engaged with Evera to operate its cluster hub at Okhla, Delhi. The upcoming hub is strategically located near the Delhi International Airport and will support Evera in providing green rides to customers. The hub will include commissioning of approximately 200 EV charging points, which will be a combination of AC & DC chargers,” said Suresh P. Manglani, CEO & ED, ATGL.

The big electric car charging station in Samalkha will let not only one company but also other taxi companies and people who own electric cars use it. This will make it easier for everyone to use electric cars in New Delhi. After this, they’ll do the same thing all over India. Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Ltd (ATEL) and Prakriti E-Mobility (Evera) are working together to make this happen. They will share the money they make from this charging station in a smart way that helps both of them.

Nimish Trivedi, Co-Founder & CEO, Evera Commenting on the collaboration, Nimish Trivedi, Co-Founder & CEO, Evera, said, “This association will foster a user-friendly experience for Evera cab drivers as well as all-electric vehicle owners by eliminating anxiety to travel farther distances. We are developing this to realize a sustainable mobility infrastructure that is green, climate-conscious, and sustainable. We could not be more excited to combine forces with ATEL to propel India’s EV infrastructure that drives electric vehicle adoption among individuals, businesses, and cab aggregators.”

This agreement marks a crucial turning point in the journey toward India’s 2030 Decarbonization targets with a solid commitment to addressing the urgent need for a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure. In addition to removing range anxiety, the future charging station in the capital will encourage the wide adoption of electric vehicles. This ambitious coalition is poised to change mobility by encouraging a harmonious fusion of knowledge and a common goal, making clean, green, and effective travel a reality for everyone.

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