Ampere Electric Scooter price in 2022

Ampere Vehicles is a ten-year-old electric two-wheeler manufacturer that specializes on entry-level and low-cost electric scooters. It began by concentrating on a limited market in South India. However, in the previous several years, the organization has increased its presence in India to over 200 cities.

Since 2018, Ampere Vehicles has been a Greaves Cotton company, one of the country’s leading engineering firms. This EV startup intends to take on the country with a selection of electric scooters, thanks to its large backing and support.

Ampere, as a brand, is constantly expanding in the electric vehicle sector, with ambitions to open 325 locations around the country.

There are a total 4 models of Ampere-

  • Magnus EX
  • Reo
  • Magnus
  • Zeal
ModelPriceRangeTop SpeedCharging Time
Ampere Magnus EX65,99910053 km/hr5-6 hours
Ampere Magnus 65,9998053 km/hr5 hours
Ampere Reo65,9996525 km/hr6 hours
Ampere Zeal EX65,9997553 km/hr5-6 hours

Greaves Electric Mobility’s AutoEV Mart aims to bring everything related to electric vehicles under one roof, providing and selling electric mobility solutions from Ampere Electric as well as other electric 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler brands in the market with clear deliverables – greater choice, convenience, and a unique experience for customers.

Electric two-wheelers continue to lead EV sales in India, with the third-highest electric vehicle sales in the country in February. Out of the total 54,557 electric vehicles sold last month, 32,416 units of high-speed electric scooters were sold in the EV two-wheeler market. 

Ampere Electric had an total sales of 4303 high speed eletric vehicle in February.

Ampere Electric Collaboration with other companies

  • Ampere Electric and MLR Auto

Greaves Cotton Limited’s e-mobility unit, Ampere Vehicles, stated on Friday that it has acquired a strategic position in MLR Auto, an L5 e-3W manufacturer.

The investment in MLR Auto reflects the company’s flexibility and commitment to responding to the evolving needs of its 3W customers for disruptive and cost-effective products that improve daily savings and transform the ease of driving with emission-free and noise-free vehicles, according to the company.

Ampere Electric is preparing to function as a full-range last-mile electric vehicle company with mass mobility solutions in both the E-2W and E-3W segments, thanks to its strategic investment in MLR Auto.

  • Ampere Electric and BestWay

Bestway Agencies Pvt. Ltd., which distributes e-rickshaws under the renowned ELE brand, has been acquired by Greaves Electric Mobility, the e-mobility branch of Greaves Cotton Limited.

“Greaves has received tremendous satisfaction from consumers and channel partners after adding ELE to their family, owing to strong quarter-on-quarter growth owing to the increase in petrol costs and individuals seeking it as a source of income. According to the findings, ELE E-rickshaws has had great growth over the previous year “According to the company’s statement.

Ampere Electric, which caters to the two-wheeler and three-wheeler segments, is part of Greaves Mobility.

The firm sells e-rickshaws under the ELE brand and e-autos under the MLR brand in the e-three-wheeler segment.

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