Aponyx launches electric vehicle plant in Surat, Gujarat

Aponyx launches electric vehicle plant in Surat, Gujarat


Surat Aponyx Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Plant 

Aponyx Electric Vehicles, India’s premier producer of electric vehicles, is thrilled to announce the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Surat, Gujarat.

This strategic expansion intends to address escalating electric car pricing while also providing clients with cost-effective and convenient mobility options. The decision to construct another production factory in Gujarat was motivated by the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Aponyx Electric Vehicles hopes that establishing this facility will benefit not only customers but also dealers, distributors, and sub-dealers in terms of cost efficiency. 

Managements’ words 

“Our goal is to minimize costs and ensure affordable access to electric vehicles for all”, said Mr. MS. Chugh, Founder & Chairman of Aponyx Electric Vehicles. “With this new plant, we are committed to delivering fast and efficient service, eliminating transportation costs, and directly engaging with our customers in Gujarat.”

The Plant’s Capability  

The Surat plant will concentrate on producing electric cycles, bikes, and scooters for the Gujarat market. The initial production capacity is expected to be between 4,000 and 5,000 units, with ambitions to expand manufacturing operations to additional Indian states shortly. Aponyx Electric Vehicles strives to give the best value, highest quality, and exceptional service to its clients. The company intends to streamline the supply chain, minimize delivery times, and provide improved customer support by developing local manufacturing units in various states.

Plans for the Future

Aponyx Electric Vehicles wants to create electric charging stations (both AC and DC) for various types of vehicles, including three-wheelers and two-wheelers, in addition to the production facilities.

These charging stations will be built and manufactured in Gujarat, giving users convenient access to charging infrastructure throughout the region. Aponyx Electric Vehicles intends to eliminate range anxiety and boost the adoption of electric vehicles by establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure.

 Plant Start-Up Date

 The new Surat production unit is expected to be operational by the second week of August, with an official market launch anticipated for the end of August 2023. Aponyx Electric Vehicles stays dedicated to revolutionizing the electric car sector and providing people with environmentally responsible mobility solutions.

Aponyx Electric Vehicles Information In 2017, Aponyx, an electric car manufacturer, was formed and incorporated. Aponyx’s headquarters are at IME Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, and the company employs roughly 100 people.

The founders entered the electronic and electrical industries 20 years ago, around the time radio was invented, and welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate breakthroughs in the electronics and electrical sectors.

As technology improved and new electrical appliances were introduced to the market, the company produced and serviced a wide range of electronic equipment and appliances, including well-known brands of radios, tape recorders, televisions, CD players, mobile phones, and so on.

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