Bharat Charge Alliance and CHAdeMO Association team up for Standardized Charging Ecosystem in India

Bharat Charge Alliance and CHAdeMO Association team up for Standardized Charging Ecosystem in India


New Delhi: The CHAdeMO Association, the organization tasked with developing the technology to promote interoperable charging infrastructure, has partnered with the Bharat Charge Alliance (BCA), an open platform aimed at fostering synergies in creating a safer and interoperable eco-system for the Indian light electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Based on the IS/IEC standards, the requirements for developing interoperable charging infrastructure will be adopted. BCA plans to apply the Bureau of Indian Standard’s IS17017-25 (adapted from IEC 61851-25) EVSE standard and IS17017-2-6 (IEC 62196-6) vehicle inlet and connection standard. The Alliance wants the cars to continue to be market (local and/or international) agnostic after adopting international IEC standards. On July 27, ETAuto was the first to report on this cooperation of Indian EV manufacturers.

The Indian EV sector is made up of EV OEMs, operators of charge points, makers of components, suppliers of energy and batteries, and charging station operators. BCA was established to create a secure and functional charging infrastructure for each alliance member and their respective clients throughout India. Its goal is to provide specifications that benefit all Manufacturers in the sector and offer enhancements to current IS & IEC standards aside from proprietary protocols.

By the adoption of international protocol and standards, the Alliance seeks to provide an EV charging infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. This will make it possible for 2W and 3W users in both B2C and B2B domains to use a shared or universal EV charging network. In order to enable affordable and flexible charging touchpoints, it is also promoting minimal changes to automobiles.

“CHAdeMO” is both the name of the DC charging technology and of the organization tasked to develop the technology. CHAdeMO has enabled a DC charging standard for various types of electric vehicles, with seamless communication between the vehicle and the charger.

A platform for e-mobility collaboration built around the CHAdeMO DC charging standard is the CHAdeMO Association. The Association collaborates with other businesses in the CHAdeMO ecosystem to promote and facilitate electric mobility on a worldwide scale. Major automakers from all 7 continents make up the CHAdeMO Association’s membership.

The BCA initiative is led by Kapil Shelke, founder and CEO, of Tork Motors. Speaking about the initiative, Kapil said, “I have always believed in the democratization of technology in order to make it accessible and cost-effective for the consumer. Standardization of charging infrastructure will open up a whole new dimension for EV users in the two- & three-wheeler segments, where a chunk of the market exists, and adoption is rising. Interoperability and ease of utilizing each other’s charging network will be key towards ending the anxiety and apprehension about EVs and its ecosystem among sceptics.”

Tomomi Hakomori, Public Affairs Director at CHAdeMO Association, said, “We are pleased to be able to collaborate with BCA and to contribute to improving the charging infrastructure in India, and are really looking forward to the flourishing future of e-mobility in India”.

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