Bharat Petroleum and Voltup will open 650 electric vehicle battery-swapping facilities in 50 locations.

VoltUp and Bharat Petroleum partners to open swapping station. In the next three years, 50 cities will receive 650 swapping stations with more than 7,800 charging ports thanks to a partnership between VoltUp and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL). Recently, the firm opened three battery swapping stations in BPCL retail stores in Mumbai. By the end of the next year, the company and BPCL want to build 150 swapping stations nationwide.

VoltUp wants to strengthen its presence in Delhi/NCR with over 50 stations this year and is now growing its reach throughout Mumbai with 40 stations at BPCL alone. VoltUp and BPCL would cover 50 cities over the following three years, including Delhi-NCR, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Surat, and Kolkata.

During the next three years, the VoltUp and BPCL cooperation will provide services for the battery swapping of more than 45,000 electric two- and three-wheelers daily. VoltUp currently has more than 110 stations with more than 1,300 docks spread across 10 cities and 8 states thanks to the addition of new locations in Mumbai.

“In a country like India with expanding delivery fleet of e-2&3 wheelers, battery swapping is going to play a key role in the adoption of e-fleets. Our partnership with BPCL, who has an exhaustive and extensive network will foster the growth of battery swapping adoption in densely populated cities,” Siddharth Kabra, Co-Founder & CEO — VoltUp, said.

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“The pooling of resources in the public and private sectors to create necessary infrastructure is a great way to promote these technologies without huge capital expenditure,” Akshay Wadhwa, Retail Head (West) — BPCL, said.

With the VoltUp network of charging zones, a battery swap takes less than a minute. Batteries on the platform will receive service networks’ repair, servicing, support servicing, and support from the service networks. To maintain battery charging temperatures and cell balancing, an ops engine will keep an eye on the smart stations.

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