Blive deploys e-kick scooters for food delivery in Mumbai and Delhi international airports

Blive deploys e-kick scooters for food delivery in Mumbai and Delhi international airports



Bengaluru: Blive, a renowned multi-brand EV retailer, has used electric kick scooters for meal delivery at the international airports of Mumbai and Delhi. According to the company, Blive has partnered with Lite Bite Foods (LBF) and Devyani International Ltd (DIL) to deliver EV solutions and assist over 30k air travelers every day in the country’s major airports.  



 DIL and LBF are two of India’s leading food chain operators, including well-known brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, Punjab Grill, and others. With this move, Blive intends to assist its partners in lowering food delivery time at airports, minimizing customer wait times, giving more convenience to delivery workers, reducing carbon footprint, and enabling a hassle-free airport experience, according to a press statement.



With travel picking up and passenger footfall increasing, DIL and LBF at Mumbai and Delhi airports were required to solve difficulties such as ensuring prompt delivery of orders and minimizing waiting periods with long-term solutions. Their employees walked from the counters to the customers, and the immensity of the airport resulted in orders being dropped, workers becoming exhausted, and customers having to wait longer. By using electric kick scooters for Blive deliveries, food chain operators were not only able to meet increased customer demand and improve employee performance, but they were also able to contribute to sustainability goals through clean mobility, according to the release.



According to the statement, the multi-brand EV platform will expand its EV solutions to over 655 DIL outlets and 150+ LBF outlets in the second stage of this cooperation to encourage and achieve 100% e-mobility adoption in India. Samarth Kholkar the CEO and co-founder of BLive, said,” We have always strived to find innovative solutions to the existing challenges with e-mobility. The demand for electric vehicles for delivery is huge. Mumbai airport is one of the busiest and most important airports globally. Here, our partners were facing difficulties with heightened customer demands and an increase in passenger footfall.


We are glad that the electric scooters provided by us not only helped them in addressing their challenges in timely food delivery but also supported them in their transition to clean mobility. We believe such innovative steps and meaningful collaborations can help achieve business objectives and also align organizations with the larger goal of achieving our sustainability targets for a cleaner, greener, and better future.”


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