How Bolt.Earth and ASDC Teamed Up to Train India’s Auto Workers on EV Infrastructure

How Bolt.Earth and ASDC Teamed Up to Train India’s Auto Workers on EV Infrastructure



Bolt.Earth, a leading provider of EV charging infrastructure, has announced a partnership with the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC), a dedicated platform for skill development in India’s automotive industry. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive training on EV infrastructure to the country’s workforce.

Recognizing knowledge gaps in India’s automotive workforce regarding EV load estimations, load balancing, and safety parameters, this collaboration will fill those gaps and boost the industry’s skill competitiveness.

The course, developed in collaboration with ASDC, will provide a comprehensive overview of the EV charging infrastructure as a whole, as well as a deep understanding of Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 chargers.

“As a leader in the EV space, we are thrilled about this collaboration with ASDC,” said Bolt. Earth’s founder Mohit Yadav.

“We’re solidifying our leadership position even further through this partnership and, at the same time, preparing for widespread EV adoption and innovation through industry education and skills development.” 

ASDC CEO Arindam Lahiri said, “We are excited to bring forth a transformative opportunity for India’s automotive workforce. The upcoming virtual course will equip individuals with the essential knowledge of EV infrastructure; registration for the course is now open and completely free at”.

Because of their expertise in the EV space, Bolt.Earth is an ideal partner for providing specialized training materials. Bolt.Earth has distributed engaging and interactive content to a wide range of automotive professionals across the country via ASDC’s accessible skill development platform.

“Our collaboration with ASDC will play a crucial role in addressing the lack of education in the automotive workforce, particularly as it relates to EVs,” said Yogesh Singhal, Head of Operations & CRM at Bolt.Earth.

“By equipping India’s workforce workers with the necessary knowledge through this course, we’re encouraging indigenous skill development and innovation to meet the uptick in demand for EVs and related charging infrastructure.”

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Content Credit: ANI NEWS