Bolt.Earth Brings Affordable EV Charging to India

Bolt.Earth Brings Affordable EV Charging to India


August 1st, Bangalore (Karnataka), India It is crucial to offer customers easy and affordable charging options as the electric vehicle (EV) market in India picks up steam. There are some obstacles to public charging given the rising number of EVs on the road and the comparatively small number of charging stations.

Many EV owners are concerned about other adoption barriers, such as high upfront prices, a lack of standards, a limited infrastructure for charging, and safety risks. More than ever, India’s EV charging infrastructure needs better substitutes.

Bolt.Earth has created the largest EV charging network in India and is providing comprehensive EV public charging all across the nation in response to these difficulties.

Affordable and All-Inclusive Pricing

Bolt.Earth aims to make EVs more appealing to a larger audience by easing the financial burden of owning one. The business creates smart, secure, and economical IoT-enabled charging stations for everyone. Energy-based pricing, which requires EV users to only pay for the electricity they consume, makes this possible. This lessens the current market’s effects of time-based pricing.

The business also provides incentives like a free initial charge and INR 199 per month for EV charging. Via their app, EV customers can sign up for monthly EV charging subscriptions with customizable options to meet their demands.

A review of the current EV industry reveals that Bolt. strategy Earth’s stands out as a financially viable option for EV customers across the nation.

Providing Users with Options for Passive Income

By using their EV charging network, Bolt.Earth offers a special chance to make passive revenue. Individuals and companies can utilize their parking spaces or properties to put up EV charging stations by joining the network. With this clever strategy, they can take advantage of the rising demand for EV charging while generating passive revenue in the process.

They handle all aspects of setup, including installation, maintenance, and support. Property owners can therefore relax while their investment generates revenue on its own. Joining Bolt.EV Earth’s charging network benefits both property owners and end users due to the expanding demand for public charging and the growing requirement for accessible charging spots.

A Referral System that Benefits All

A referral system is available from Bolt.Earth was created with the existing difficulties in mind, right down to each end-user. One can gain advantages like INR 50 credits to both parties when they bring friends, family, and other EV fans to join Bolt. community. Earth’s (when referral is successful). This makes it easier for customers to become used to EV charging both in public and on private property.

Making urban EV charging accessible

To give EV users convenient access to charging stations wherever they travel, Bolt.Earth is carefully deploying charging stations in various areas throughout cities. This extensive network aids in addressing the problem of inadequate charging facilities in metropolitan areas.

No matter where they are located or their financial situation, the company is committed to inclusion and making sure that EV charging is accessible to everyone. They want to meet the needs of a wide variety of EV owners by steadily increasing the charging network, making electric transportation more affordable for everyone.

In conclusion

Bolt.Earth is a promising and affordable option that EV drivers may easily access. The company offers convenient, economical EV charging on the go as India’s largest EV charging network.

To encourage cleaner mobility in emerging markets, Bolt.Earth is on a mission. With more than 30K charging points and expanding, the firm is currently India’s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure solutions! For people, corporations, landlords, leasing agents, fleet operators, and the government, Bolt.Earth provides charging options. Visit for additional details on Bolt.Earth.

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