Credent launches India’s largest EV healthcare delivery fleet


Credent launches India’s largest EV healthcare delivery fleet


Credent, also known as C3 Logistics, is launching India’s largest EV healthcare delivery fleet. This project that will undoubtedly aid the healthcare sector’s efforts to achieve sustainability.

To survive in today’s fast-paced world, industries must rely on effective logistics solutions. In the healthcare industry, where time-sensitive and delicate operations are a constant, the need for trustworthy and inventive logistics becomes even more critical. This is where C3 Logistics enters the picture as a trailblazer, revolutionising the healthcare business with their unique mentality and approach to logistics services.

Credent’s ambition to establish India’s largest EV healthcare delivery fleet is remarkable. It will not only contribute to healthcare sustainability initiatives, but will also act as a model for other businesses to emulate. Credent will not only provide timely and effective healthcare delivery, but will also significantly reduce carbon emissions, so contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Switching to electric vehicles is an excellent method to encourage ecologically friendly and sustainable transportation. Credent is decreasing its carbon footprint and supporting a greener future by changing their whole fleet of 2500 employees to EVs. This will encourage more businesses to follow the same and shift towards sustainable transportation.

Furthermore, Credent is investing in establishing a strong charging infrastructure across its operations locations. They are collaborating with charging station providers to develop a network of strategically placed charging outlets to ensure convenient and uninterrupted operations. This step is critical in ensuring that their fleet is always fully charged and ready to service the demands of the healthcare business.

Credent is also deploying smart fleet management technology to improve operational efficiency. These systems will aid in tracking the vehicles’ locations, monitoring their performance, and planning efficient routes, resulting in timely and dependable healthcare delivery. Furthermore, they are integrating advanced telematics technology to collect vital data on driving patterns and vehicle performance, allowing them to make educated fleet maintenance and performance optimisation decisions.

The company’s dedication to sustainability does not end with the fleet. They are also aggressively seeking collaborations with renewable energy providers in order to source electricity from sustainable energy sources. Credent hopes that by doing so, they would be able to further reduce their environmental footprint and build a truly sustainable healthcare delivery ecosystem.

Credent, in addition to introducing India’s Largest Electric Vehicle (EV) Healthcare Delivery Fleet, is also providing healthcare organisations with the ability to brand the vehicles at a low cost.

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