Delhi govt drafts proposal for EV festival to boost safe usage

Delhi govt drafts proposal for EV festival to boost safe usage


According to a report, the festival will be held to promote the sale and use of electric vehicles in the national capital.

From the report, three events have been planned for the year, which will take place once the proposal is approved. The EV festival series will also bring stakeholders, such as buyers, sellers, battery providers, and swapping agencies — for all segments of two, three, and four-wheelers.

The Niti Aayog also released a list of 75 best practices in the social sector from across the country last month, which included the Delhi EV policy, according to the report.

Citing an official, the report said, “We have been taking several measures to increase the uptake of EVs in Delhi across all segments. This EV utsav is an effort to make the customers more comfortable with the EV ecosystem and bring all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) together on one platform.”

The EV Utsav draught proposal has now been forwarded to Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot for final approval. According to the report, the festival will begin with two-wheelers.

The EV Utsav is expected to have multiple stalls where Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), battery manufacturers, swapping agencies, and distribution companies will be available on a single platform to discuss customer queries.

Furthermore, OEMs will be asked to bring sample vehicles, and separate space will be provided for test drives of these vehicles, according to the report.

In the last two months, the transportation department’s EV cell has organized online training and consultations for dealers and OEMs to explain the process of providing subsidies to customers who purchase electric vehicles.

Citing an official from the transport department, the report said, “People often have doubts about the life of an EV, how it will be charged, whether it will be beneficial in the long run, and what the operational cost will be. The OEMs and discoms (power distribution companies) will be there to answer all these questions. Meanwhile, we are working on devising a strategy to publicize the event so that most people can attend it.”

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