Delta Makes Significant Investment in 6K New E-Charging Stations in India

Delta Plans to invest in 6k E-charging stations

A Taiwan-based global leader in power and thermal management solutions provider company, Delta Electronics has given its customers approximately 6K New E-Charging Stations in India.

According to Niranjan Nayak, the Managing Director of Delta Electronics India, “Closer collaboration between Delta and major stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure sector (such as Tata Power, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company, Bharat Petroleum, and Energy Efficiency Services Ltd, as well as OEMs) has made this major development possible.”

The breadth of its EV charger portfolio and its track record of incorporating energy-saving technologies have helped them to establish itself as the nation’s top provider of EV charging solutions.
Since 2009, Delta has sent over one million EV chargers around the world. Each geographic area has developed its own charging standard, such as CHAdeMO (primarily Japanese), Combined Charging System (CCS), which car manufacturers use in India, Europe, and the United States, GB/T (China), and Tesla Supercharger (Tesla), but discussions are taking place to create a single charging standard for the entire world. (6K New E-Charging Stations)

Indian automakers are adhering to the CCS2, despite early concerns about a Bharat charging standard for India. Nayak claimed that 80–85% of EV chargers in India at the moment use CCS2. In India, CCS2 is anticipated to replace the current charging standard, he said. Delta has transformed from a supplier of EV chargers to a partner in complete solutions. According to Nayak, Delta provides a one-stop shop for enabling EV charging infrastructure, including site assessment, specification design, installation, and after-sales servicing.

Even though most of the hardware for charging infrastructure is often imported, Delta has improved its domestic R&D and production capacities, with more than 50% of its national product offerings being made locally. For the Indian market, Delta provides a selection of EV chargers for electric buses and four-wheelers.

A unique solution for quick charging and with a tiny footprint, the company’s wall-mount DC Wallbox EV charger is perfect for commercial applications such as public parking lots, office buildings, fleets, hotels, and retail centers. Regarding AC chargers, Delta offers models starting at 7.4 kW and up, while its DC chargers can charge cars at a rate of 15 kW per hour and up.


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