ElectricPe launches free Charger Management Software


ElectricPe is centralizing the privately operated EV charging station by offering them a free listing on its platform and providing the charging point operator(CPOs) with a free Charging Management System(CMS)

This action supports the company’s goal of becoming India’s biggest platform for aggregating EV charging stations. 

By 2030, India will have 5 million public and private chargers, which would raise the demand for a complete CMS to manage, monitor, and track charging equipment. Manufacturers of chargers and Charge Point Operators (CPOs) would gain a lot from this decision, which will enable them to offer numerous pricing options, manage user access, and perform real-time energy monitoring.

Avinash Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of ElectricPe, said, “We aim to increase charging utilization and ultimately better serve India’s projected 5 million public and private chargers by offering free CMS and encouraging more CPOs to set up charging points. This will help simplify operations, reduce recurring costs, and keep CPOs ahead of the curve with frequent updates and upgrades.”

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Rohit Agarwal, CTO, ElectricPe, added, “The goal is to save CPOs from the tyranny of dealing with multiple white-labeled apps and offer them one industry-standard product. The CMS will allow them to monitor the chargers across locations, create various control options for different users and access a detailed analytics dashboard. In addition, CPOs will get a direct listing on the ElectricPe App, which will help them tap into the right demand stream, attracting more users.”

About ElectricPe– 

ElectricPe is on a mission to provide smart, affordable, and clean Electric Mobility to a billion Indians. They are offering a one-stop platform to cater to all EV needs.

ElectricPe is creating India’s largest Electric Vehicle Charging Platform by collaborating with thousands of independent charge point operators who are providing service to a community nearby.

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