Electrovaya launches Infinity-HV battery for heavy-duty applications

Electrovaya launches Infinity-HV battery for heavy-duty applications


Electrovaya Inc. (Electrovaya), a maker of lithium-ion batteries with headquarters in Ontario, has introduced Infinity-HV battery systems for demanding applications.

Electrovaya’s Infinity-HV battery systems, which are an extension of its existing Infinity product line, were created to satisfy the requirements of heavy-duty, high-voltage applications, such as buses, delivery trucks, construction trucks, hybrid fuel cell/battery systems, and stationary energy storage systems.

According to Dr. Khadija Yazda, High Voltage Systems Product Manager at Electrovaya, “The Infinity-HV batteries offer unique performance features, notably with regard to safety and cycle life, and are the appropriate energy storage solution for heavy-duty applications.”

The HV-90 and HV-180 Infinity-HV batteries have nominal energies of 35 kWh and 70 kWh, respectively, and are available in two variations. The different versions can handle 400V and 800V applications. using Infinity-HV batteries

The Infinity-HV batteries are the longest-lasting high-voltage batteries on the market since they are made of lithium-ion ceramic and UL-recognized EV series cells and have a projected 25-year lifetime for one-cycle/day applications.

Electrovaya Infinity-HV packs provide a high level of fire protection thanks to the use of the company’s unique multi-level cell and battery fire propagation prevention technology, which ensures a high safety standard for its products. The business claimed that Infinity-HV systems may be managed using Electrovaya’s own 5th-generation sophisticated battery management system (BMS).

The Infinity-HV packs will be put together by the company’s plants in Canada and the United States, and the first pre-production units are expected to be delivered in Q4 2023. At the Infinity factory in Jamestown, New York, the Infinity-HV goods will be mass-produced.

Some of the benefits of the Infinity-HV battery are:

  • It has a long lifetime of 25 years for one-cycle/day applications, which is the longest among high-voltage batteries. This can reduce the need for battery replacement and increase the return on investment.
  • It has a high safety level due to the use of lithium-ion ceramic cells and fire propagation prevention technology. This can lower the risk of fire incidents and liability costs.
  • It has a high energy density of 35 kWh and 70 kWh for the HV-90 and HV-180 models, respectively. This can provide more power and range for heavy-duty vehicles and energy storage systems.
  • It has a high voltage compatibility of 400V and 800V for both models. This can enable faster charging and higher efficiency for various applications.
  • It has a smart battery management system that can monitor and control the battery’s performance1. This can provide more information and optimization for the users.


The Electrovaya Infinity-HV battery is a new high-voltage battery system that offers some unique features and advantages for heavy-duty applications. It has a long lifetime, high safety, high energy density, high voltage compatibility, and a smart battery management system. However, it also faces some challenges, such as market competition, customer acceptance, and regulatory compliance. Therefore, Electrovaya should leverage its strengths and address its weaknesses to succeed in the growing market of electric mobility and energy storage.

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