Fujiyama launches 5 e-scooters in India at prices ranging from INR 49,999 to INR 99,999

Fujiyama launches 5 e-scooters in India at prices ranging from INR 49,999 to INR 99,999


New Delhi, India – Fujiyama, an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has introduced five e-scooters, four low-speed and one high-speed, integrating technology and design. Spectra Pro, Spectra, Vespar, and Thunder are the four low-speed models.

Ozone+ is the high-speed model. Prices for the introductory deal range from INR 49,499 to INR 99,999. It plans to launch two e-bikes in the next months: a classic e-scooter for INR 69,999 with a range of up to 160 km and a motorbike for INR 99,999. Fujiyama also aims to develop an e-loader and commercial 3-wheelers, according to the business.

For the finest pickup, Fujiyama electric scooters utilize a high-wattage motor. Fujiyama’s BLDC motor has high speed, immediate control, speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance. The front and rear suspensions have twin shock suspensions, which means improved shockers for the smoothest ride. All of the company’s customers benefit from a comprehensive service network across India.

The first three e-scooter services are free, and the cost after that is merely INR 249 per vehicle, according to a press statement from the firm.

“With 26 years of OEM experience in the automotive industry and the electric vehicle category, the company has closed deals to launch 45 new showrooms in March 2023 itself taking the total tally to 140+ dealers in India. The company plans to inaugurate 500+ more showrooms in FY24. The company intends to establish three more manufacturing facilities by 2025 in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh taking production capacity to 60,00,000 units annually. With the mission to be among the top players in the country, the company has committed INR 150 crores in three phases to build a state-of-the-art plant at its facility in the UNA district of Himachal Pradesh with the capacity to produce 20,00,000 units annually, and with in-house production of motors, controllers, batteries, and all the structural components of vehicles,” Udit Agarwal, CEO, Fujiyama, said.


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