Hero, Bajaj, Ola, Simple & Honda To Launch New e-Scooters In India

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Hero, Bajaj, Ola, Simple & Honda To Launch New e-Scooters In India


Many people are interested in electric scooters these days and this is why many companies that make two-wheelers want to sell them.

Electric scooters are selling well and more people are buying them every year. This is a good chance for the companies to offer more options to the customers. Here are some of the new electric scooters that will come to India soon.

1. New Hero Vida Electric Scooters

Hero Motocorp has a company called Vida that makes electric two-wheelers. Vida will launch some new electric scooters in 2024. They will be based on the same platform as the V1 electric scooter, but they will have different designs and features. The company will use the platform to make different models for different purposes. They will also change the battery size, range, features, and price of the scooters to give more choices.

2. Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Auto is one of the first companies to make electric two-wheelers, and they only have one e-scooter called the Chetak. They updated it for 2023 and added a new variant called the Chetak Premium. According to some reports, Bajaj will make more electric two-wheelers this year by making more versions of the Chetak e-scooter. They will use the same platform but change the design, battery, features, and motor of the scooters to make new electric scooters for different purposes.

3. Ola Electric

Ola Electric is planning to launch something new next month i.e. July 2023, and they have shown some teasers for it. It is possible that they will add two new colors for their cheapest scooter, the S1 Air as it only has 5 colors right now compared to 10 colors on the S1 Pro and S1. They might also make a more powerful version of the S1 Air with a 4.5 kW motor.

4. Simple Energy

After launching Simple One, the start-up from Bengaluru has confirmed that they will launch two new, cheaper electric scooters in India. These two scooters will be cheaper than the Simple One e-scooter, and they will have lower specifications in terms of battery size and range. The Simple One costs Rs. 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom) and has a range of 212 kilometers.

5. Honda 2 New Electric Scooters

Honda will launch two new electric scooters in FY 2024 and this will be their first time selling electric two-wheelers in India. Both of them will be made in India, and the first one might be called Activa Electric.

They will use a new platform called Platform ā€˜Eā€™ which is made for electric two-wheelers, and they will use it to make more models in the future. Some reports say that the first scooter will have a fixed battery, while the second scooter might have a swappable battery.

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