Hero Electric's Ambitious Expansion into High-End E-Bike Segment with A2B Brand

Hero Electric’s Ambitious Expansion into High-End E-Bike Segment with A2B Brand


Hero Electric, India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer and a trailblazer in urban e-mobility, unveiled its strategic vision on Thursday. The company aims to create distinct brands tailored for diverse market segments, with the A2B brand being earmarked for entry into India’s premium e-bike market.

“While the Hero Electric brand continues to be the bedrock of our basic E-mobility thrust, we intend to invest in new brands for specific market categories,” Sohinder Gill, CEO-Hero Electric, said.

“We believe that differentiation is key to market dominance, and going forward we will enter categories under specialist brand entities to bring focus to the market segments they represent, complementing the Hero brand as a legacy player in the mass mobility segment,” he added.

Hero Electric is in the ideal position to help India’s clean energy revolution grow and expand because of its more than 15 years of experience in electric mobility. 

Hero Electric, the first OEM to begin producing E2Ws, said that its knowledge of the business and established track record prompted it to consider expanding into fresh categories.

The market for electric two-wheelers may see difficulties shortly, but given the growing emphasis on sustainability and the shift to cleaner transportation, it has tremendous growth potential in the medium and long term.

“The Indian market is ripe for e-mobility exploration, and we are perfectly positioned to meet the emerging demands, including those from the premium segment. Our commitment resonates with India’s aspiration to become a global EV hub, and we are eager to play a pivotal role in making that a reality,” Gill said.

A variety of high-end electric bikes, scooters, and other new models in the category will be debuted under the A2B brand. The company envisions a product range that expertly combines modern design with precise functionality and is built to resist the rigors of Indian roads and weather. Hero Electric claimed in a press statement that A2B would have cutting-edge technology, strong battery systems, flawlessly integrated powertrains, and aesthetics that suit premium segment buyer sensibilities. This builds on Hero Electric’s reputation for innovation.

Naveen Munjal, MD-Hero Electric, said, “We are embarking on a de-aggregation strategy with specific brand offerings in different segments. This tactical move aims to focus on our traditional turf with the Hero Electric brand while allowing us to break into newer segments as competition builds up in this sector.”

The company’s dedication to offering comprehensive and sustainable mobility solutions, which will reshape transportation in India and beyond, is strengthened as Hero Electric’s diversification drive moves forward, the release said.

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