Hopcharge presents world’s first on-demand doorstep EV charging solution

Hopcharge world’s first on-demand EV charging solution

Hopcharge is offering world’s first on-demand, lightning-fast electric vehicle charging solution. Following a successful pilot run in parts of the city, Hopcharge, a start-up that provides these services, has expanded its services across Gurgaon. Hopcharge plans to expand into more major cities in the following months.
Hopcharge, a Gurgaon-based startup, was founded in 2019 to introduce a charging system that consists of linked and portable power banks with high-power charging capabilities specifically built for electric vehicles.
By deploying its unique made-in-India, patented, rapid charging technology, the startup is addressing the challenges of unavailability of charging facilities, slow charging at home, and productive time spent charging vehicles by enabling modular and mobile charging infrastructure that augments local grid, minimises expensive grid upgrades, and saves productive time for EV owners.

The firm provides EV owners with a virtual energy cloud that synchronises with the grid to balance energy supply and demand in a time and space distributed manner. The service is available to consumers via an Android/iOS app that is supported by a technology-enabled back-end energy management system that executes the end-to-end procedure and supports all EV models worldwide.

Arjun Singh, Co-Founder and CEO at Hopcharge, stated, “We have created Hopcharge as a plug and play fast-charging network that is available any day anytime anywhere in the city. Since it’s a charging station coming to the EV users instead of the other way around, it frees up the Ev user while we charge the EV, plus it saves them the hassle of sanctioning load, installing, and maintaining it. Early response from EV owners has been overwhelming.”

Hopcharge provides a variety of ad hoc and subscription models, such as HopechargeX and Hopcharge Xpresso, via which customers can reserve on-demand charging. These subscription arrangements are tailored to each customer’s specific billing requirements. Hopcharge’s proprietary technology also provides a long battery life, lowering overall costs of ownership and preventing users from losing productive hours due to downtime.

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