How can you maintain battery health for your electric vehicle

How can you maintain battery health for your electric vehicle? Know important ways

How can you maintain battery health for your electric vehicle? Know important ways



The world has seen a boost in improved technology and design components, from the earliest velocipede and chain-driven bicycles to the golden period of electric bikes and scooters. Electric scooters may appear to be unavoidable today, with their lightning-fast takeover of the entire world predicted.


Owning an electric vehicle will always be extremely convenient because it eliminates expenses such as gasoline and time-consuming monthly service. Nevertheless, with new developments come new obligations. Because the battery is the core of modern electric vehicles, having one holds the owner responsible for maintaining the battery’s health.


The following are some typical mistakes that can help customers maintain battery health in their electric vehicles.



  • Surcharged batteries:

Nearly every EV owner overcharges the batteries. The suggested charging range for most EVs is 20-80%. The best strategy to keep a battery in good condition is to charge it on a regular basis and keep it within a healthy range.


  • Exposed to severe temperatures:

High temperatures can cause battery degradation, while cold temperatures can impair performance. To avoid high-temperature exposure, the EVs should ideally be parked in a covered area or a garage.



  • Dangerous driving habits:

Traveling at a constant speed, and avoiding abrupt acceleration and braking, are just a few of the elements that can improve the performance of any vehicle. Consequently, efficient driving practices can be critical for preserving the battery health of EVs.



  • Using old batteries:

Using batteries that are more than 2-3 years old might result in impacts such as loss of rated capacity, frequent temperature rises, reduced charge acceptance, high internal resistance, decreased voltage, and excessive self-discharge.


Hence, with a little care and attention, EVs can be quite useful in the coming years. Implementing these suggestions into the EV maintenance plan can assist optimize battery performance and increase battery life.


There is no harm in investing in your vehicle’s health. Hence, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s Electric Vehicle Insurance provides a comprehensive insurance policy to help protect the insured’s EV from potential financial loss or damage in the event of occurrences such as accidents.


With the goal of providing end-to-end solutions, the company offers unique goods and services that ensure the insured’s peace of mind as the vehicle hits the road. Among the services are:


  • Dedicated EV Helpline: Offering assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • SOS: Provision for an emergency SOS call, with the goal of assisting and dealing with a situation regardless of where the insured is in India.
  • On-Site Charging: Portable mobile charging is a first-of-its-kind service in India, giving on-the-go charging support to help you finish your travel quickly. 
  • Pickup & Drop: Towing electric vehicles will be arranged in the event of a power outage, breakdown, or accident.

Advantages of Having Electric Vehicle Insurance:


  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Services for breakdown
  • Person/property liability to third parties to fulfill a legal duty
  • Protection against vehicle damage
  • Personal accident insurance
  • The cashless claim procedure
  • Garage network access

 Normal terms and conditions apply.

The subject of the solicitation is insurance. Please read the sales brochure/policy language carefully before closing a deal for further details on advantages, restrictions, limitations, terms, and conditions.

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