How Does An Ola Electric Hypercharging Network Work?

How Does An Ola Electric Hypercharging Network Work?

Network of Ola Electric Hypercharging Stations

Because of rising pollution levels and the depletion of fossil fuels, electric vehicles have become indispensable. However, the success of EVs is dependent on the availability of efficient charging infrastructure, which is where Ola Electric stands out. In this article, we’ll look at how the Ola Electric Hypercharging network works and what it means for the EV ecosystem.

What exactly is the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network?

The Ola Electric Hypercharging Network is a charging station network primarily for electric scooters. By the end of 2023, Ola Electric expects to have built this network across more than 400 cities and 2000+ Hyper Charging points. As part of the Ola-powered charging network, charging stations will be installed in retail centers, IT parks, business complexes, and other high-traffic areas.

How does it function?

The Ola Electric Scooters can be charged using both AC and DC charging technology. AC charging is slower, but it is best suited for charging at home or in places where it will be parked for an extended period of time. Furthermore, DC charging is faster and more convenient for charging in public places.

Link charging station

Users must install the Ola Electric app on their smartphones in order to use the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network. The app displays a map of all charging stations in the area, allowing users to choose the most convenient one. When the user arrives at the charging station, they must connect their EV to the charging station with a compatible charging cable.

Charge your electric scooter

When you connect to the hyper charger, the charging point displays the charging status, and users can track the progress using the Ola Electric app. When the charging process is finished, the user can remove their electric scooter from the charging station and continue their journey.

Turn off your scooter.

To unplug the charger, press the ‘Stop Charging’ button on the scooter’s dashboard and wait for the message ‘Unplug the charger’ to appear on the screen.

When you receive that message, unplug your scooter from the charging port and continue your journey.

How much money is required to purchase a hyper charger?

The Ola Hyper Charger is free for all users in India, according to the company’s official website, but only for a limited time.

Perhaps in the near future, the company will implement some charging fees.

OLA Hypercharger locations

As a result, you may be able to locate the nearest OLA Hypercharger via the scooter dashboard or the Ola Electric App. To get to the location, you can use the scooter’s navigation system. You can also use Google Maps to assist you. As a result, owners will find these Ola Electric hyperchargers to be very simple to use.

Is Ola Hypercharger available on MoveOS 2 and MoveOS 3?

Ola Hypercharger is only available for Ola scooters that have received the MoveOS 3 update. If your electric scooter is running MoveOS2, you must first update it to MoveOS3 or you will be unable to charge it.

The Importance of the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

The launch of the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network in India was a significant step toward the adoption of electric vehicles. The lack of dependable charging infrastructure has significantly hampered the growth of the EV industry. With the launch of this network, Ola Electric is addressing this issue and lowering the barrier to entry for EVs.

Furthermore, the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network is a green project that will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation industry. More people will switch to EVs because they are more environmentally friendly and cleaner than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts, thanks to the availability of effective charging stations.

What Should You Do If You Need Help at an Ola Hypercharger?

If you require assistance, please contact customer service. The phone number and address can be found on the scooter’s dashboard or in the Ola Electric App.


The Hypercharging Network is a game changer for India’s EV industry. With the launch of this network, Ola Electric has made EVs more accessible and convenient for the general public.


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