How was FY 22-23 for Enigma Automobiles

Entire industry is saying that 2022 was a great year for the EV industry of India. It set a benchmark. Although the usage of electric three-wheelers for business purposes increased significantly in this area, battery-powered two-wheelers predominantly drove the growth of the country’s EV sector. It is important to note that the Indian government, through its laws and incentive programs, also played a significant part in providing this developing field with the much-needed push.

While the number of electric two-wheelers registered increased by 4X over the year to 6.2 lakh units in 2022 from just 1.5 lakh units in 2021, the overall number of electric vehicles registered increased by 300% to 10 lakh units in 2022 from 3.2 lakh units in 2021.

This expansion hasn’t been easy, though, as the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) received criticism for using batteries of poor quality in their vehicles throughout the year. As a result, several electric scooter fire events that occurred throughout the country during the year attracted a lot of media attention.

How was FY22-23 for Enigma Automobiles?

The year 2022 was full of milestones for Enigma Automobiles in terms of research and development. Achievement. We broke our records and set up new records in terms of testing. we developed a new battery mechanism to be incorporated into all of our vehicles

We are a research and testing-based company, Enigma Automobiles Private Limited achieved tremendous milestones, We showcase our flagship Café racer CR 22. 

We got approval for our line of high-speed electric Two Wheelers.

We incorporated yeah, the much-needed corporate and dealer operation policies in our company.  

we welcomed, the move of the Indian government to include the battery safety norms under AIS 156. 

In terms of reach, we expanded over Easter Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra, and we are confident that in 2023. We Will set our own Ye standards of class-leading electric Two Wheelers.

Anmol Bohre, Co-Founder and CEO of Enigma Automobiles.


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About Enigma Automobiles

Anmol and Alankrit, two brothers, founded Enigma Electric with the goal of revolutionising India’s electric mobility market. The brothers were lifetime auto enthusiasts and were extremely knowledgeable about the industry. They came to understand that the main barrier to EV adoption in India is the absence of R&D, reliability, and accessibility as they grew older and gained more skills in disciplines like management and engineering. This realisation combined with a lifelong love of cars led to the creation of Enigma Electric.

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