Jio-BP's Electric Vehicle Charging Network Witnessing Significant Expansion

Jio-BP’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network Witnessing Significant Expansion


New Delhi – Jio-bp is setting the pace for India’s shift to electric vehicles. To build a strong public EV charging infrastructure and battery-swapping network, Jio-bp is collaborating with a number of participants in the automotive industry, real estate and mall developers, e-commerce players, fleet operators, corporates, and other significant organizations.

Jio-bp, which operates under the Jio-bp Pulse brand, added more than 1,000 public charging stations in FY 2022–2023 to bring their network strength to 1,400+ throughout 8 cities and important thoroughfares, and they anticipate further multiplication in FY 2023–2024.

This includes seven of the largest charging hubs in the nation (100 or more charge points), and numerous additional hubs are being built. Moreover, facilities were created in workplaces, public parking lots, shopping malls, and neighborhoods.

For its electric car charging service, Jio-bp received the renowned Golden Peacock Innovative Product Service Award in 2023.

To make EV charging and switching infrastructure more accessible, Jio-bp has teamed with numerous partners from different industries. Jio-bp and the Mahindra Group have also inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study the development of electric vehicle (EV) goods and services and find synergies between conventional and low-carbon fuels. The Firm and Piaggio and moEVing have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore innovative solutions in the field of electric mobility.

Jio-bp has entered the CNG retailing market as part of its mission to provide low-carbon solutions, and it continues to collaborate with CGD businesses all around the nation. The company was among the first OMCs to introduce E20 fuel and has also completed the construction of its first compressed biogas retailing facility, both in keeping with the goal of the Government of India.

About Jio-bp 

Jio-bp is a joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and bp, two of the world’s leading energy companies. Jio-bp aims to become a leading player in India’s fuels and mobility markets, offering high-quality products and services to millions of customers across the country.


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