KAL to venture into electric scooter manufacturing

KAL announces its entry into the e-scooter market


Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL), a company in the public sector, plans to start making electric scooters. The first electric scooter from KAL’s stable will be available within the next six months, according to Industries Minister P. Rajeeve.

Inaugurating the contract signing event for the electric two-wheeler manufacturing facility that will be established at the Kinfra Park in Mattannur in partnership with Mumbai-based Lord’s Mark Industries Private Limited, he was speaking in the capital on Wednesday.

According to the Minister, KAL’s electric autorickshaws are generating positive feedback. A few of the technological problems with the autorickshaws that were introduced during the initial phase had been fixed. It was intended to open two electric autorickshaw service centers in Wayanad and Kannur. Have service facilities in addition to the dealerships, steps were being taken. There had been an increase in e-auto orders from Nepal.

In Mattannur, Kannur, on a 2.5-acre area of land in the Kinfra Park, an e-scooter manufacturing facility is being built. The joint venture’s authorized capital is 4.64 crore rupees. In the joint venture, Lord’s Mark owns the remaining 4% while KAL has 26%. The program is anticipated to employ 200 individuals and indirectly employ additional people directly.

Prototype lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO) battery

The Electric Vehicle Development and Manufacturing Consortium presented the prototype of a locally manufactured lithium-titanate or lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO) battery at another event in the capital. The prototype was given to the industries minister by S. Unnikrishnan Nair, director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC). The collaboration consists of the VSSC, Travancore Titanium Products Ltd (TTPL), C-DAC, and Trivandrum Engineering Science and Technology Research Park. The battery has stronger safety standards and can charge more quickly. The fact that the batter was developed by a group of public sector organizations, according to Mr. Rajeeve, is a good indicator.

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