Komaki LY Electric Scooter Price, Range & Specifications

Komaki LY Electric Scooter Price, Range & SpecificationsKomaki LY Electric Scooter Price, Range & Specifications


Komaki LY Electric Scooter 

Komaki LY is a two-wheeled electric scooter introduced by Komaki to promote electric cars among middle-class consumers. It has gained popularity as a consequence of the features available in its two varieties designed to meet the demands and convenience of consumers. This article will give you a comprehensive analysis of this electric scooter and tell you whether it is a good investment for you.

Designs and appearances

 The Komaki LY Electric Scooter sports a thin profile, a sleek front, and the appearance of a non-electric bike. This scooter’s design offers a comfortable ride no matter what surface you’re on. Furthermore, the digital dashboard features a TFT panel, a form of LCD screen that is suggested for reducing eye strain. Other dashboard amenities, such as an integrated navigation system, telephone system, and music system, assist people when making deliveries in unfamiliar areas.

It also has LED headlights and winkers, which improve vision at night and give it a vintage appeal. 


It is available in three different colors, which are as follows: 

  • Superb metal 
  • gray Jet black  
  •  cherry red 


The Komaki LY electric scooter comes in two models that differ in terms of battery capacity, range, and price. 

These are the two alternatives: 

  • LY Komaki (single battery) 
  • LY Komaki (dual battery)


The prices for Komaki LY’s two variations are as follows: 

  •  Komaki LY (single battery) -Ex-showroom 96K
  • Komaki LY (dual battery) – Ex-showroom 1.29 lakhs


 Komaki LY (single battery)  Komaki LY ( dual battery)
 Range  80-85 km/charge  160-180 km/charge
Top speed 55-60 km/h  55-60 km/h
 brakes Dual disc brakes Dual disc brakes
  Battery 62v 34Ah  62v 34Ah
Motor 3000 W  3000 W


The Komaki LY electric scooter is equipped with a 3000-watt hub motor that enhances speed to an appropriate rate while driving. Furthermore, a 38 amp controller embedded into the motor aids in motor speed regulation. 

The Komaki LY electric scooter’s battery is a LiFe Po4 type, which is a fast-charging battery that is also utilized in other electric cars. Its battery is unique in that it is an app-based smart battery. It takes about 4 hours and 55 minutes to fully charge.

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