Komaki Venice Eco Electric Scooter: Price, Range & Features

Komaki Venice Eco Electric Scooter: Price, Range & Features

Komaki Venice Eco Electric Scooter: Price, Range & Features  


Venice Eco Electric Scooter Komaki

 KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd introduced the Komaki Venice Eco, a high-speed electric scooter. 

Its revolutionary design distinguishes it from other electric scooters on the market. This electric scooter was designed primarily to replace ordinary gas-powered high-speed scooters, as electric scooters outperform any other gas-powered scooter to a substantial degree. 

In this essay, we will examine it and recommend whether or not you should invest in it.

 Design and Appearance

The front of the Komaki Venice Eco is incredibly sleek, and the whole body design gives this electric scooter a unisex appeal. Furthermore, the Komaki Venice Eco’s seat was carefully created so that riders would not have to sacrifice comfort while driving. It also contains a digital dashboard that can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and a TFT screen, which is regarded as a high-quality LCD display variation.

 Its computerized dashboard has advanced functions such as a calling system, entertainment system, and navigation system. These features are quite useful when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

Komaki Venice eco sports LED headlights, DRLs, and taillamps, which enhance safety while driving at night and give it a very traditional non-electric scooter appearance. Furthermore, it contains a Backrest that is attached to the grab grill, which is incredibly useful for safety when two people are riding.

Color Options

Komaki Venice Eco is available in 6 color options, named: 

  1. Sacramento Green 
  2. Silver Chrome 
  3. Bright Orange 
  4. Garnet Red 
  5. Jet Black
  6.  Metallic Blue Price


Komaki Venice Eco is priced at 77,000 rupees ex-showroom. On its website, you may reserve this electric scooter for 799 rupees. Because each state has its unique tax structure, Komaki Flora on-road pricing vary per state.


Range                   75-100 km/charge
Battery LiFe Po4
Motor Power 3000 W
Brakes Disc  

The Komaki Venice eco includes a LiFe Po4 app-based smart battery. Because most electric scooters presently catch fire, the battery utilized in this electric scooter is fire-resistant.

  •  LiFe Po4 app-based smart batteries are a form of rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is powered or controlled by software.

Furthermore, the Komaki Venice eco features a 3000 W Hub motor, which is a popular choice for high-speed electric scooters. In addition, the motor contains a 38-amp controller that aids in the regulation of the motor’s speed.

Although the firm has not released statistics on its top speed, customers believe that it is around 60 km/h.

 This electric scooter also has three speed modes, which supplement gears in non-electric vehicles. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge this electric scooter. 


 The Venice Eco boasts a lot of noteworthy qualities, ranging from security to durability. It is distinguished by features such as keyless entry and control reverse mode, as well as anti-skid technology.

  • Keyless entry and keyless control systems employ radio frequency signals to remotely lock, unlock, and start your vehicle. 
  • Reverse mode detects objects using radar sensors located on the scooter’s rear side and assists in avoiding collisions. 
  • Anti-skid technology is a computerized system that improves vehicle stability by sensing and preventing traction loss.

 Additionally, Venice Eco boasts improved suspension on both sides, making every ride more comfortable. 


We believe that the Komaki Venice eco is the best electric scooter for a working-class audience in terms of safety, visual attractiveness, and longevity. As a result, if you’re thinking about getting one, this is the finest option. Furthermore, KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd consistently invests in R&D, so you can put your trust in the brand.

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