KSH Logistics joins hands with 3ev Industries & 3eco Systems to introduce Sustainable Logistics Solutions

KSH Logistics joins hands with 3ev Industries & 3eco Systems to introduce Sustainable Logistics Solutions

KSH Logistics joins hands with 3ev Industries & 3eco Systems to introduce Sustainable Logistics Solutions


KSH Logistics has partnered with 3ev Industries and 3eco Systems to reduce carbon emissions and make logistics more sustainable. The collaboration aims to provide long-term logistics solutions to KSH Logistics’ customers across India. 

The three firms will collaborate to develop innovative and ecologically friendly logistics solutions for the retail, e-commerce, FMCG, FMCD, automotive, and industrial sectors. The collaboration aligns with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mission LiFE project, which aims to democratize climate change for a sustainable environment.

KSH Logistics is one of India’s leading providers of comprehensive supply-chain logistics solutions and 3ev and 3eco offer hyper-local connectivity solutions for intelligent last-mile fulfillment via their inexpensive green-tech 3-wheeler (3W) electric vehicles. 

The collaboration will harness each company’s expertise to build a network of efficient stores and warehouses that can be accessed by the 3W EV fleet, enabling efficient, rapid, and cost-effective delivery options to its clients on a local level. 

According to a recent industry report, the last-mile emissions of the six top global delivery and e-commerce companies totaled around 4.5 mega tonnes of CO2. This figure is projected to skyrocket in the near future. 

KSH Logistics’ objective is to attain zero carbon emissions in secondary distribution by 2030, and the company plans to deploy 3000 3W vans across India.

The cooperation will assist fast-moving consumer goods, industrial products, and the like by giving them access to a network of automated and efficient stores outfitted with innovative technology solutions for the seamless management of both man-made and natural resources.


KSH Logistics also provides an asset-light plug-and-play architecture with flexi-capacity and scalability solutions for both long-term and short-term needs, such as overfills and holiday demands. 

Commenting on the association, Mr. Deepak Tiwari, COO of KSH Logistics, says, “We are excited about this partnership that has the potential to transform businesses, reduce carbon footprint, and create employment opportunities in the industry. This partnership is in line with the PM’s vision of democratizing climate change and nudging people to take charge of creating a sustainable environment for our better future.”

3ev designs manufacture, and services a variety of passenger, freight, and ICE-EV converted vehicles as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), while 3eco provides last-mile logistics turnkey solutions with hyper-local connectivity services and operates the largest dedicated 3W EV fleet serving the e-commerce industry. 

3ev and 3eco services’ fleet of 3-wheelers provides last-mile and intracity distribution, with 120-200 km of coverage on a single battery and the capacity to recharge swiftly in 30 minutes. The trucks are solar-powered and can transport things that require a chilly, temperature-controlled environment.

Mr. Karan Kadaba, President & Director of 3ev & 3eco services, said of their relationship with KSH Logistics, “We believe it’s time industries recognize their businesses’ negative impact on the environment and opt for sustainable solutions.” We think that by forming this alliance, we would be able to provide financially viable-disruptive solutions to businesses from multiple industries and revolutionize the logistics industry in India.”

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Content Credit: ET EnergyWorld.com

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