Made in India lithium ion cell by GODI

Made in India lithium ion cell by GODI


GODI India declared that its 21700 cylindrical NMC811 lithium-ion cells have been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), making it the first firm in the nation to do so. The company claims that the in-house created and manufactured in India cells were examined and certified by independent testing organization TUV by BIS requirements. The business also disclosed that by 2024 it would build a Gigafactory in India to produce battery cells. According to Mahesh Godi, founder and CEO of GODI India, lithium-ion battery-based storage solutions will become more popular, and localization of specially designed cells for Indian circumstances would play a significant role, both for automotive and energy storage applications (ESS).

“For the first time in Indian history, NMC811 21700. 3.65V-4.5Ah cylindrical cells were Made-in-India & Made-for-India.”

According to GODI India, its BIS-certified lithium-ion batteries save its customers 7% on costs. It claims that to establish quality standards, it collaborates closely with research institutions and other governmental organizations.

The business adds that it employs more than 30 in-house scientists and engineers with PhDs. The statement continues, “Sensing the need (for lithium-ion production), we are setting up our first indigenous giga-factory for lithium-ion cell manufacturers in India by 2024. This facility will include the latest innovation, including carbon-neutral processes, powered by renewables. We will work tirelessly to make the new factory sustainable battery cells with a low carbon footprint and CO2 emissions since it will play a crucial part in the revival of India’s stationary storage and electric vehicle (EV) industries, according to Godi.


“Our newly developed lithium-ion cell (4.5Ah capacity) with an energy density of 235 Wh/kg has a longer range that meets our customer demands.”


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