Magenta Mobility launches EV charger to charge 12 vehicles simultaneously


Magenta Mobility EV charger to charge 12 vehicles simultaneously0


Magenta Mobility announced the debut of an in-house developed EV charger that can charge 12 vehicles simultaneously, amid rising demand for such facilities and the automobile industry’s rapid electrification.

According to the business, the EV charger, which has 12 charging outputs of 3.3 kW each, would assist fleet operators and residential societies reduce per-point charging expenses.

The charger, which has charging speeds ranging from 3 to 3.5 hours, minimum downtime, and cheap price, among other features, caters to the needs of all sorts of EVs — two, three, and four-wheelers, according to the company.

We are introducing PLENT, a multi-charging product meticulously engineered in-house with remarkable features to enhance the EV charging experience while addressing the requirements of the Indian market,” said Maxson Lewis, founder and Director of Magenta Mobility.

The company said it comes with safety features such as system-level temperature monitoring and power and protection features guaranteeing optimal charging performance while ensuring safety during the charging process without the need for additional switchgear.

About Magenta Mobility:

India’s transition towards sustainable transportation has gained significant momentum in recent years, and Magenta Mobility has emerged as a frontrunner in the country’s electric mobility and EV charging landscape. With its diverse range of chargers catering to various EV segments, Magenta Mobility has become a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in the industry.

One of the flagship offerings from Magenta Mobility is PLENT, a revolutionary multi-output charger that sets new standards for efficiency and convenience. Designed specifically for fleet operators and residential societies, PLENT boasts 12 outputs, each capable of delivering 3.3 kW of power. This intelligent charger allows for the simultaneous charging of multiple EVs, effectively reducing the cost per charging point. Equipped with a central control unit (CCU) and twelve dispensing units (DPUs), PLENT ensures optimal and secure charging operations. Compliant with OCPP 1.6 standards, it incorporates advanced features such as a 7-inch touch display, over-the-air (OTA) updates, real-time data tracking, and storage capabilities.

The ChargeGrid Pro Series, another notable offering from Magenta Mobility, comprises a range of smart AC chargers with power ratings ranging from 3.3 kW to 22 kW. These chargers cater to all types of EVs and are characterized by their intelligent features. With RFID authentication, cloud-based monitoring and control, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, dynamic load management, and energy metering and billing functionalities, the ChargeGrid Pro Series ensures a seamless charging experience for EV owners.

Addressing the need for integrated solutions, Magenta Mobility presents the ChargeGrid Flare, a unique street lamp integrated charger that serves both as a lighting fixture and a charging point. Boasting a power output of 3.3 kW, the ChargeGrid Flare can simultaneously charge two EVs. Its smart features include smart metering, remote monitoring, a user app, and a convenient payment gateway, providing EV owners with a comprehensive and user-friendly charging solution.

For high-end EVs and buses, Magenta Mobility offers the ChargeGrid Ultra Series, a range of fast DC chargers with power ratings ranging from 15 kW to an impressive 150 kW. These chargers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance vehicles. Equipped with features such as CCS2/CHAdeMO/GB/T/Bharat DC001 compatibility, dynamic load balancing, user interface displays, remote management, and control, as well as energy metering and billing capabilities, the ChargeGrid Ultra Series provides a powerful and reliable charging solution for EV enthusiasts.

In addition to its extensive product portfolio, Magenta Mobility has strategically invested in key EV component manufacturers to further enhance its charging capabilities. Notably, the company has made a significant investment in Axiom Energy Conversion Limited, a renowned and longstanding EV component manufacturer in India. This partnership aims to establish a dedicated greenfield manufacturing setup for EV powertrain components, including chargers, converters, motor controllers, and drive-train components. By fostering such collaborations, Magenta Mobility reinforces its commitment to driving innovation and supporting the growth of the electric mobility ecosystem in India.

With its comprehensive range of chargers and strategic investments in the EV industry, Magenta Mobility continues to spearhead India’s electric mobility revolution. By providing cutting-edge charging solutions and supporting the development of EV components, Magenta Mobility is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future in India.


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