montra electric super auto rickshaw: features, cost and mileage

Montra Electric Super Auto Rickshaw: Features, Cost and Mileage


The Montra Electric Three Wheeler was introduced in September 2022 by Tamil Nadu-based EV manufacturer TI Clean Mobility, a division of the Murugappa Group, a diverse conglomerate.

With the introduction of Super Auto, Montra Electric made its entry into the three-wheeled electric vehicle market. It was gradually introduced throughout the nation, beginning in India’s southern region.

The company aspires to become carbon neutral. By 2070, they want to have a substantial impact on India’s efforts to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

With its cutting-edge Super Auto, Montra Electric has changed the automotive industry. It is the best-in-class mobility in the 3W EV market and has a very clever design.


Its beginning cost is Rs. 3.15 lakh, and its maximum price is Rs. 3.50 lakh.


The 160 kilometers that an electric rickshaw can travel on a single charge. Its top speed is 55 kilometers per hour. In under 4 seconds, it can accelerate from 0 to 20 kilometers per hour. It is upgradeable to a level of 21%.


A 10 kWh lithium-ion battery powering the Montra Electric Super Car can generate a maximum torque of 60 nm. Moreover, rapid charging technology is included. In less than 4 hours, it may be charged.


Except for the top model ePX, which has a hard roof, the electric three-wheeler has a full metal body, an extremely durable Boron Steel Chassis, and a resin canopy for its roof.


It measures 2825 mm in length, 1350 mm in width, and 1750 mm in height. It features a 2010 mm wheelbase and a 207 mm minimum ground clearance.


Three variations of the Montra Super Auto are available: the entry-level ePV, the mid-range ePV2.0, and the top-end ePX.

Payload Limit

The Montra Electric Auto Rickshaw is capable of hauling a large burden. Montra ePX, ePV, and ePV 2.0 all have GVW capacities of 770 kg, 749 kg, and 756 kg, respectively.


The Dual Beam LED Head Lights, App Connectivity, 4.3-inch LCD Instrument Cluster Display, Mobile Charging, Lockable Glove Box, Rear Luggage Cabin with Tailgate, etc. are just a few of the important features of the Super Auto. For a better driving experience, it also has different drive modes like Eco, Drive, Power, and Reverse mode. Moreover, it has a Park Assist function.

Auto Super App

The Super Auto App makes it simple for the owner to keep track of their profits, keep a record of their services and earnings, check the state of the car’s battery, and track its whereabouts at all times. On his phone, they may scan and verify the internal information about the car, such as the condition of the car, the driver’s skill level, access to the pocket mechanic manual, maintenance advice, etc. Keeping all documentation in one location electronically is helpful as well.

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