Octopus Energy Launches EV Charging Solution for Businesses

Octopus Energy Launches EV Charging Solution for Businesses

Octopus Energy Launches EV Charging Solution for Businesses


Octopus Energy’s Electrovers introduces a new business solution, making its cutting-edge and seamless electric vehicle (EV) public charging experience available to even more people.

The upcoming product, presently undergoing beta testing, will empower businesses to effectively oversee their electric vehicle (EV) fleets through an innovative online platform that offers a seamless user experience and flexible reporting capabilities. It will aid in overcoming the common challenges that businesses face when managing an EV fleet.

Businesses can view and download charging history details such as where and when charges occurred and how much they cost.

It can be divided into two categories

  • group drivers
  • Individual drivers

All charges appear in a single consolidated invoice, allowing for a complete overview of the company’s EV charges with the tap of a finger.

The simplified expensing of public charging costs ensures that employees will not have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses. The Electroverse EV roaming service app provides them with instant access to over 430,000 public charging stations from over 470 brands worldwide. Charging is as simple as tapping the Electroverse card.

Drivers will also have access to Electroverse’s award-winning features such as an interactive global map that shows charger locations and availability, a route planner for planning journeys, and in-car support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and others.

It comes as electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, with over 20,000 new vehicles delivered in April alone. As more businesses opt for EVs, Electroverse’s solution will provide them with the confidence to make the switch.

Matt Davies, Director of Octopus Electroverse, said: “Electroverse is 5 revolutionizing EV public charging, with just one card and app to use with hundreds of charge point brands. With access to over 430,000 public charge points, we’re over the moon to now bring our simple and seamless EV charging solution to businesses. This will be a game-changer for companies making the switch and will help them manage their EVs easier than ever before.”

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