Quantum Bziness, a new electric scooter by Quantum Energy


Quantum Bziness, a new electric scooter by Quantum Energy


Quantum Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) business specialising in the design, development, production, and selling of electric scooters, has introduced a new commercial model of the Quantum Bziness, with a starting price of Rs 99,000.

For the ease of fleet operators and last-mile delivery providers, the EV manufacturer has partnered with banks such as HDFC, ICICI, and several NBFCs. According to the press release, the Quantum Bziness electric scooter is powered by a 1200W high-performance engine that can attain a top speed of 55 kmph and swiftly accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in just 8 seconds.

The electric scooter has a range of up to 130km on a single full battery charge, making it ideal for a variety of business applications. The product boasts some of the best features in the segment, such as remote lock-unlock, anti-theft alarm, USB charger, disc brakes, and an LCD display.

Quantum Energy director Chetana Chukkapalli said, “In India, sizable proportion of individuals who ride two-wheelers do so for purposes other than transportation, ranging from carrying goods to running businesses on two wheels. Recognizing the market gap, we at Quantum Energy intend to set new benchmarks in the micro-mobility industry by emphasizing reliability and security in our E-scooter. We launched Bziness at a low cost to make it available to a wide range of customers, including B2B fleet companies, last mile delivery companies, ride sharing companies and B2C as well. We are confident that our products, such as this two-wheeler, will be appreciated by hardworking Indians and position us as the industry leader in the segment.”

According to the press announcement, the new Quantum Bziness model has an updated LFP battery, a powerful headlamp, a wider seat for more comfortable rides, a sturdier luggage rack for multipurpose use, a huge flat footboard to carry more things, and a 12″ long wheelbase for greater stability and handling. The battery guarantee for the product is three years or 90,000 kilometers, according to the company.

About Quantum Energy
Quantum Energy is an Electric Scooter Manufacturer based out of Telengana


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