Start-up ElectriVa enters Karnataka JV with Bangalore-based SIC group

Start-up ElectriVa collaborated with Bangalore-based SIC group to enters Karnataka market



New Delhi: Launch ElectriVa, the top Charge Point Operator (CPO) in North India, has expanded into Karnataka by partnering with SIC, a Bangalore-based business with interests in financial markets and related industries.

We have a target of providing EV charging facilities in the top 50 cities of the country in the next year. We are among the largest CPOs in Delhi NCR. In the next three years, ElectriVa targets to set up, operate, and maintain more than one-fifth of total EV stations in India,” said Sumit Dhanuka, Founder, ElectriVa

Partnerships with EV fleet companies that deliver EV automobiles, where ElectriVa provides smooth EV Charging Services to the fleets, are a huge boost for charging company ElectriVa.

Over 6% of new cars in Bangalore are EVs, and CPOs like ElectriVa can ease the transition to electric by offering comprehensive charging facilities around the city.”We are determined to give hassle-free, clean, and green EV Charging to our consumers. Being a CPO focused on Net-Zero Emissions from EVs, we garner energy from renewable sources,” says Sumit Dhanuka

SIC Group, led by CEO Sidharth Handa, is pleased to be a part of the transformation and believes ElectriVa will be the preferred partner for charging stations across the country.

Karnataka Things are changing quickly, and we at SIC believe in adapting and welcoming the new, which has kept the group ahead of the curve and led to SIC’s success over the previous 30 years. SIC was founded in 1993 by the late Col Rajinder Handa, who served in the Indian army.

In India, the Future of Charging

The number of charging stations is likely to grow at a rapid pace. Following the five-fold increase shown in 2022, the following year would witness even more growth, with succeeding years seeing even higher numbers. Aside from OEMs, CPOs, and service providers, various other entities such as government organizations, PSUs, DISCOMS, private energy firms, and construction and real estate developers would also contribute to the country’s increase in charging stations.


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