Start Your Own EV Charging Brand

Why you should start your EV Charging Brand?

The EV industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Every month new ev sales records are coming up.
EVs are unlike ICE vehicles where you need to go to a fuel station to fill the tank, any power plug can be used to charge the EV. People are installing EV charging stations anywhere and everywhere and EV owners need a platform to locate those EV chargers. This opens up a new business opportunity for EV charging locator apps. You can have your EV charger locator and ev charging app platform as a business.

Growing Demand

Rising number of EV charging stations

Easy ROI

How this business works?

You will get the app listed on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. 
We will help you in getting connected with the EV chargers installers/people doing business with physical ev chargers. 
They will list their charger on your app.
For every EV charging happening via your app on their charging station, you will earn a commission.

  • EV users will download your app to locate the ev charging station
  • The app will list all the available ev charging stations in the locality*
  • User will book a time slot for a charger
  • User will navigate to the location
  • User will authenticate using OTP/RFID
  • User will do a digital Payment using Wallet, UPI, CC, DC, net banking
  • Charging will start once the charger is connected, the user will get a live update on the charging
  • On every charging, you will earn a revenue