Tata Power sets up charging stations at R CITY Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Tata Power sets up charging stations at R CITY Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai


Tata Power, India’s largest provider of electric-vehicle charging solutions, has teamed with R CITY, Mumbai’s famed shopping and entertainment destination, to deploy eight chargers, including super-fast 60 kW charging points, around the mall’s premises. 

Depending on their needs, EV drivers can pick between fast top-ups on the go and considerable charging during long shopping trips. The charging stations at R CITY mall, which is located on LBS Road in the central Mumbai neighborhood of Ghatkopar, will provide green mobility solutions for both four-wheeler and two-wheeler passenger vehicles. 

The association is an important step towards making sustainable mobility options available to everyone and increasing EV adoption in the state. 

This matches Tata Power’s goal of making EV charging simple and hassle-free by placing charging stations in important places frequented by customers.

 Enabling EV charging in high-traffic areas makes EV adoption more convenient and minimizes driver range anxiety.

“We are delighted to collaborate with R CITY to make EV charging solutions easily accessible to EV owners in Mumbai. We believe that a large-scale transition to clean mobility can only be attained through a robust and expansive network of EV charging points. Tata Power has taken the lead in setting up EV charging points across the country thus contributing towards faster adoption of EVs,” Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development (EV Charging), Tata Power, said.

“Our valuable partnership with Tata Power is a constructive green measure to initiate a movement that will bring about a paradigm change in the EV industry with the use of sustainable charging infrastructure. This discerned initiative is in line with our belief in reducing the carbon footprint of the environment for a sustainable and energy-efficient future. This association with Tata Power will help us achieve our sustainability goals by efficiently rolling out easily accessible EV charging solutions, for EV owners.” Ashish Bhandari, Head-Mall Operations, said.

The company has activated over 3000 public and semi-public chargers, as well as over 30,000 residential chargers, many of which are equipped with fast-charging technology and are located in important areas such as malls, hotels, airports, and office complexes. Tata Power is forming cross-industry alliances to enable easy transitions to clean mobility, beginning with the installation of multiple charging stations. 

Tata Power’s commitment to developing an EV-enabling infrastructure aligns with the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP), which aims to establish electric car charging infrastructure using the most advanced technological platforms while also providing easy access to charging sites.

Since last year, the company has worked with the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) to install up to 5,000 EV charging points throughout its members’ developer properties across Maharashtra.

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