Telangana targets Latin America for sourcing lithium salts for EV and ESS projects

Telangana targets Latin America for sourcing lithium salts for EV and ESS projects


The Telangana government is working to support the growth of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. They’re trying to get lithium salts from Latin America for this purpose, according to Industries and IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao in Hyderabad on August 11th.

To make sure they can get lithium and other minerals from countries in Latin America, the government has chosen the Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation. This decision is setting the stage for the Amara Raja battery company’s new research center, E Positive Energy Labs, near the airport at GMR Aerocity.

The Minister talked about something important while talking about how the State has set up a place called Telangana Mobility Valley. This place is meant to have really good facilities to help with making and researching electric vehicles and energy storage stuff. They want to help this field grow. They’re going to have four areas for making things in the Valley. These areas will help different businesses, like those making electric vehicles, batteries, and other important parts. They’ll also help with research and development for new things.

They made special places in Zaheerabad and Seetharampur where they can build electric vehicles and their parts. They also found a spot in Yenkathala for a place where new ideas and cool things can be studied and created. The Minister said that Divitipally will have India’s first new energy park. He compared this special area, called Mobility Valley, to another special area called Genome Valley. Genome Valley has helped Telangana become really good at making vaccines – it produces a lot of them, like one-third of all the vaccines in the world.

Telangana intends to house 30 GWh capacity lithium giga plants out of the 150 GWh capacity that will be developed in the nation by 2030, or 60% of the 260 GWh demand forecast for ACC batteries in India by this decade, according to Mr. Rao. 

He expressed gratitude to the Amara Raja Group for renewing its faith in Telangana and investing in its E Positive Energy Laboratories, which will be a part of the $9,500 crore giga corridor project it unveiled last year.

Amara Raja Batteries, a top producer of automotive and industrial batteries, announced that E Positive Energy Labs will be a pioneering facility in Hyderabad with cutting-edge labs and testing infrastructure for material research, prototyping, product life cycle analysis, and proof-of-concept demonstration. It intends to accelerate innovations in energy storage, electric transportation, and renewable energy integration and act as a catalyst for multi-stakeholder cooperation and entrepreneurship development in this quickly developing industry.

The facility is positioned to be a beacon of cutting-edge research and innovation in innovative energy technologies, according to chairman and managing director Jayadev Galla.

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