VoltUp partners with BSNL to increase battery swapping footprint

VoltUp partners with BSNL to increase battery swapping footprint

VoltUp partners with BSNL to increase battery swapping footprint



Gurugram and New Delhi: Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) startup leader According to the company, VoltUp has engaged in a relationship with BSNL to operate battery swapping stations in four sites around Gurugram, enabling an infrastructure of 150+ charging docks.


By the end of the year, VoltUp and BSNL’s collaboration would have expanded to 30 places across Haryana. According to a press release, the cooperation will spread to major cities with significant automotive density to encourage last-mile connection agents to use e-2 and 3-wheelers daily.


“As an environmentally concerned organization, BSNL is delighted to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in daily transportation,” stated Ganesh Chandra, GM (TD) – BSNL. Our collaboration with VoltUp forges a new avenue toward encouraging renewable energy usage and lowering carbon emissions. For battery switching to be a success story in India, a dense network of charging stations is required. While we are starting with four outlets in Gurugram, we plan to expand the collaboration to additional cities by the end of the year.”


Ritesh Singh, Head BD & Strategy – VoltUp, said, “Last mile connectivity agents are ambassadors-at-large for battery swapping and they will be the drivers of battery swapping adoption in the country. While the battery-swapping industry is still at a nascent stage, we are witnessing a groundswell toward its adoption. Low running cost and almost nil downtime enable a last mile connectivity agent to complete more trips and earn more.”


Nikhil Mathur, Circle Business Head- VoltUp, said, “In cities, space is a big constraint, and availability of charging points can be challenging, for e-2 and e-3 wheelers. BSNL has been a pioneer in connecting consumers with technology and with this partnership, consumers can experience the transition of urban mobility to green mobility.”

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