Yamaha cancels Neo's electric scooter launch in India; plans to introduce a new model instead.

Yamaha cancels Neo’s electric scooter launch in India, will now bring a new model


After abandoning plans to launch the Neo’s electric scooter in India, Yamaha intends to launch a new EV.

It will be an electric scooter with the company’s sporty DNA and higher aspirational value, according to reports. Yamaha’s upcoming offering is also expected to provide more performance and range than the Neo’s.

Yamaha cancels Neo’s electric scooter launch

Yamaha’s team has abandoned plans to launch the Yamaha Neo electric scooter in India. Eishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha India, previously stated that the company was interested in bringing an Indian-adapted version of the Yamaha Neo’s electric scooter. However, the model’s 37km range will not meet the needs of Indian consumers, particularly in urban areas.

However, the model’s 37km range will not meet the needs of Indian consumers, particularly in a market where popular EV brands such as the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X, and TVS iQube all offer real-world ranges of more than 100km on a single charge.

Furthermore, according to Chairman Chihana, the European market audience buys EVs for environmental and sustainability reasons. A typical Indian customer, on the other hand, is looking for a low-cost option. Yamaha’s current ICE-based motorcycle portfolio includes a variety of products that are stylish, sporty and affordable, and the brand is known for its Racing Blue paint scheme and high levels of performance. This DNA will be carried forward into the company’s first EV offering for India.

After the Indian government reduced EV incentives, the manufacturer’s proposition of selling a premium electric scooter with a low range per charge became more difficult to sell. Thus, the company is relying on its motorsport heritage and brand value to offer a one-of-a-kind electric two-wheeler for the Indian market.

Yamaha’s electric two-wheeler launch timeline

Yamaha India Chairman Eishin Chihana suggests that the company may delay the launch of its first product in order to develop a product that embodies the brand’s inherent qualities. The product is expected to hit the market in two to three years, according to current estimates.

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