Yulu launches E2W, Wynn at opening price of INR 55,555

Yulu launches E2W, Wynn at an opening price of INR 55,555

Yulu launches E2W, Wynn at an opening price of INR 55,555


Yulu has begun accepting reservations for its first personal electric two-wheeler, the Yulu Wynn – India’s first electric 2-wheeler for easy mobility. Yulu Wynn was launched at a limited-time introductory price of INR 55,555, and reservations can be made online for INR 999. (fully refundable). Deliveries will begin in mid-May. Wynn will be priced at INR 59,999 after the introductory period.

Wynn is the result of Yulu’s years of understanding and research on user behavior and the urban mobility needs of a diverse range of customers. Wynn is an intelligent electric 2-wheeler designed for urban family mobility, with many industry-first features such as true-keyless access and instant family-sharing.

Wynn provides a one-of-a-kind and affordable ownership experience with its mobility subscription packs, which reduce the initial cost of ownership by 40%. It comes with a swappable battery that can be swapped in under a minute at any Yuma Energy network battery swapping station – a Yulu and Magna joint venture. The battery can also be charged at home with a portable charger, which is available as an accessory.

Amit Gupta, co-founder & CEO, of Yulu, said, “Ever since we started out, we have been flooded with requests from our shared mobility users to buy our smart-sized EVs for personal ownership. Listening to our customers, we are very excited to introduce the Wynn – our first vehicle for full ownership. It’s India’s 1st electric 2-wheeler for easy mobility that offers not just an intelligent commute option but also disrupts the whole ownership experience that is built on the deep customer understanding & mobility tech Yulu has built by running India’s largest shared last-mile mobility services for millions of km. It is a very compelling offering that will make customers pause, re-evaluate, and change their mobility choices. Wynn will enable everyone to “ride their freedom’ in their own ways.”

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, of Bajaj Auto Ltd., said, “Mobility is still quite underserved in our country and there is a huge scope for new mobility categories built around continuously changing user needs. We are delighted to see Yulu enter the personal mobility space with the Wynn to offer easy mobility to a wide base of users. Wynn will be built at our CTL plant and will have the same world-class quality that Bajaj vehicles are known for.”

Wynn is India’s first truly-keyless electric 2-wheeler that allows vehicle access through the Yulu mobile app, as well as the country’s first vehicle with instant family-sharing that allows remote vehicle access with a friend or family member.

Wynn’s modern, gender-neutral, and welcoming design, as well as its intelligent operating system with over-the-air (OTA) connectivity, provide easy mobility for people of all ages.

Wynn can be driven with confidence by anyone over the age of 16 without the need for a driver’s license or vehicle registration. While creating wow experiences, care has been taken to ensure that the technology remains intuitive and simple to use.

Customers in a one-of-a-kind ownership model will not have to pay for the cost of batteries and chargers, which is typically 35%-40% of the vehicle cost. Yulu will offer mobility subscription packages that customers can customize as needed.

Yulu is uniquely positioned to confidently offer this service because Yuma Energy has an existing battery-swapping infrastructure with over 100 touchpoints, which will increase to 500 by December 2023.

Customers can also buy a personal charger for their home and still enjoy the benefits of Battery-as-a-Service, according to the company.

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