Total Gas and Shigan Collaborate to Drive Decarbonization: MoU Signed

Adani Total Gas and Shigan Collaborate to Drive Decarbonization: MoU Signed

Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL) and Shigan Quantum Technologies Limited (Shigan) are teaming up to help the environment. They want to use cleaner fuels like CNG and LNG instead of regular ones. This will make the air cleaner and cut down on pollution. The two companies signed an agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on this.

Shigan makes systems that let vehicles use alternative fuels like CNG and LNG. They’ll team up with ATGL to make these fuels more popular in transportation and mining. They’ll offer better options to companies that own many vehicles, like those in the Adani Group. They’ll also explore ways to use LNG in engines that aren’t in vehicles, like those in factories and ships.

Besides making vehicles run on CNG and LNG, they’ll also look into making electric vehicles for short-distance deliveries. And they’ll check if hydrogen can be a good fuel for regular cars and trucks.

ATGL and Shigan express confidence that this partnership will bring about a favourable environmental influence and contribute to the broader business community. The Memorandum of Understanding grants both organizations the authority to emphasize sustainability initiatives while upholding operational effectiveness.

“The MoU signifies our joint commitment to a more sustainable future. Our aim is to co-create comprehensive solutions supporting the transport and mining industries in their journey towards decarbonization and aligning with the country’s net-zero commitments.”

Suresh P. Manglani, Executive Director and CEO of ATGL, expressed optimism about the shared vision for a greener future. He stated.

“This MoU marks a significant stride in our shared dedication to environmental accountability. Transitioning to cleaner fuels not only reduces our carbon footprint but also sets a precedent for positive industry-wide transformation.”

Shishir Agrawal, Managing Director of Shigan, echoed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in championing environmental responsibility.