Altigreen and Bolt.Earth join hands to provide charging infra for E3Ws in India

Altigreen and Bolt.Earth join hands to provide charging infra for E3Ws in India

Altigreen, an Indian EV maker, has joined hands with Bolt.Earth, a charging infra company, to solve the problem of low battery range for electric three-wheelers (E3Ws) in India. They want to set up more than 5000 cheap 3.3 kW charging points all over India in 3 years, starting with 100 points in the first month.

Many people in India are using E3Ws for delivering goods, and the L5N (goods) category has 21% share now. However, the partners think that low battery range is stopping more people from switching to electric vehicles.

India does not have enough public charging stations for electric vehicles. The company thinks that setting up cheap charging solutions quickly can help overcome the main challenges for E3W adoption.

Dr. Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen, commented on the development, “The partnership will increase EV confidence among Altigreen’s customers, dealers, and lease operators, through accessible and cost-effective charging. By joining forces, we are addressing the pressing issue of range anxiety that has hindered the widespread adoption of electric 3-wheelers”. 

“Through the deployment of accessible and affordable charging points, we aim to empower users and instill confidence in the potential of electric vehicles. This partnership is a stride towards a future where electric mobility is seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives”, he added. 

Head of Strategy and Thought Leadership at Bolt.Earth, Mr. Raghav Bharadwaj, said, “Bolt.Earth is dedicated to revolutionizing the worldwide EV landscape through the provision of easily accessible charging infrastructure”. 

“Our partnership with Altigreen is in perfect alignment with our mission to position India as a prominent hub for the electric three-wheeler market. This alliance will ensure that EV auto drivers across all regions have hassle-free access to our cutting-edge charging facilities. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with esteemed partners like Altigreen as we strive to bolster India’s EV ecosystem”, he added. 

The companies want to grow fast and do something quickly to make EV charging better for the environment. They are also starting campaigns in shops and on the streets to tell people about electric vehicles and how to charge them in the country.

Content Credit: ETN