Ampere NXG Electric Scooter Set to Hit the Indian Market Soon

Ampere NXG Electric Scooter Set to Hit the Indian Market Soon

Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited’s much-anticipated electric scooter, the “Ampere Nxg,” under the banner #NEXBIGTHING, is making waves with its extraordinary journey covering 5,100 kilometres from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This ambitious expedition aims to showcase the scooter’s robustness, performance, and style.

Revolutionizing Mobility: CEO’s Perspective

“The Nex Big Thing ” by Ampere as a revolutionary vehicle, not just about transportation but about reimagining mobility for a sustainable future. As it embarks on this epic journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the scooter will conquer challenging terrains and connect with the essence of what it means to be Indian – a dynamic fusion of tradition and modernity, resilience and community spirit.”

Sanjay Behl, CEO of Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited, describes.

Innovative Approach: Key Details

Journey Kick-off: The journey commenced on January 16th, 2023, from Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir, covering diverse terrains and key towns over the next 45 days. This unprecedented journey seeks to redefine electric mobility in India.

Design and Technology: Ampere’s “Nex Big Thing” is not just a means of transportation; it’s a revolution on wheels. With Nex.IO (the brain) and Nex.Armor (the brawn), this scooter combines innovation and sustainability, featuring one of the lightest operating systems, a bright touchscreen, and customizable modes.

Exceptional Features: Beyond Transportation

The Ampere Nxg stands out with its fastest boot time, lightweight OS, robust exoskeleton, and safe LFP battery. The luxurious carbon fiber-finished seat, patented hybrid swing arm, and multi-suspension system ensure comfort and innovation. Telescopic front forks, dual rear springs, and a disc brake setup provide a smooth and safe ride.

Celebrating Diversity Through Design: Journey Highlights

The journey reflects India’s diversity, passing through various cultures, terrains, and culinary traditions. Each stop signifies the harmonious relationship between the scooter’s innovation and India’s landscapes, blending modern aesthetics with rich heritage.

Legacy and Commitment: 164 Years of Engineering Excellence

This historic journey marks a new chapter in Greaves Cotton’s 164-year legacy of engineering excellence and Ampere’s 15 years of EV manufacturing leadership.

Ongoing Journey: Bikaner Bound

Currently en route to Bikaner after completing a ride from Delhi to Mandawa, the journey has celebrated India’s history and beauty. From paying homage to the Red Fort in Delhi to enjoying breakfast at Basant Dhaba in Bilaspur, the company captures the essence of its electric journey.

Pre-Book Your Ride: #TheNexBigThing

Customers can secure their pre-booking of #TheNexBigThing for just ₹499. Lucky early birds stand a chance to grab the special #K2K edition of this exciting new electric scooter. Ampere’s commitment to revolutionising the electric scooter ecosystem is evident through its ongoing journey and the remarkable features of the “Nex Big Thing.”