Ather Energy's Chief Business Officer Offers Free Charging Connector to EV Firms

Ather Energy’s Chief Business Officer Offers Free Charging Connector to EV Firms

Ather Energy is offering free help to companies in the electric vehicle industry who want to use its charging connector, which has been recognized as a standard by the Bureau of Indian Standards. They want to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. Ather also aims to expand its charging network to 2,500 by March 2024 and is talking to other manufacturers to encourage them to use its charging connector widely. They are open to working with other companies, especially Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to make the adoption process smoother.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has approved Ather’s charging connector as a standard for light electric vehicles like electric two- and three-wheelers, and microcars.

Ather is committed to making charging infrastructure consistent and is encouraging collaboration among companies on the charging side while promoting healthy competition on the vehicle side. They want to make it clear that using Ather’s charging connector is a flexible choice for OEMs, based on compatibility rather than being a requirement. This move towards standardization is expected to encourage independent businesses to set up infrastructure without worrying about which EV maker’s charging system to use.

Phokela talked about how electric scooters are making customers happy by easing worries about running out of power and making them as convenient as regular scooters. He also mentioned that government rewards for charging stations could go to the companies building them, not just the scooter makers.

And when it comes to Ather’s plans to grow their charging network, Phokela shared that they’re aiming for around 2,500 stations by March 2024 and might double that number in the next fiscal year.