AutoNxt Automation Showcases 45HP Tractor at KISAN Expo

AutoNxt Automation Showcases 45HP Tractor at KISAN Expo

The innovative electric tractor company AutoNxt Automation, with its headquarters in India, recently showcased its 45 horsepower tractor at the KISAN Expo in Pune. Agri-professionals, legislators, and enthusiasts attended the event, which attracted farmers from Maharashtra, Punjab, and Rajasthan among other regions.

The 45HP tractor was shown off in person at the KISAN Expo, much to the delight of farmer friends who had been following the company on social media and had a chance to experience the tractor’s power and innovation firsthand. Kaustubh Dhonde, Founder & CEO of AutoNxt Automation, emphasized the excitement of these friends.

The Expo, also known as India’s Largest Agri Show, served as an ideal platform for AutoNxt Automation to connect with farmers and agricultural enthusiasts, showcasing the tractor’s advanced features, durability, and efficiency. AutoNxt Automation created a buzz at the expo by showcasing the powerful 45HP tractor and manoeuvring it around the venue to the surprise of the crowd. Farmers and industry professionals were astonished by the tractor’s capabilities and features.

Over a lakh progressive farmers attended the five-day exhibition, providing the 45HP tractor with unrivalled exposure. The tractor’s ability to approach the throng with ease was a highlight of the event, generating great curiosity among visitors.

Kaustubh Dhonde conveyed his appreciation for being a part of the KISAN Expo, highlighting the fantastic chance to engage with farmers both in person and virtually. He also noted that the real-time control and insights offered by the event platform enabled efficient planning of participation and optimized the advantages of the broad outreach.

Innovating and providing sustainable solutions to satisfy the changing needs of the farming community, AutoNxt Automation is still leading the charge in transforming India’s agricultural infrastructure.