Battery Energy Storage System plant inaugurated by TATA AutoComp in Pune

Battery Energy Storage System plant inaugurated by TATA AutoComp in Pune

TATA AutoComp will make these batteries for Tata Power, which is a company that provides electricity. TATA AutoComp gave the first batch of batteries to Praveer Sinha, who is the boss of Tata Power, on Saturday in Pune. These batteries will be used to build a big park that can produce 120 megawatts of electricity in Chhattisgarh.

“We are happy to collaborate with Tata AutoComp for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). With the rise of renewables, energy storage has become critical to address the intermittency of solar and wind energy resources. We shall integrate these BESS at our renewable sites to enable round-the-clock supply of clean power and ensure a speedier green energy transition.”

–Sinha said 

“Tata AutoComp has always been a pioneer in introducing cutting edge technology to its customers. We are leveraging our knowledge in the automotive domain to serve emerging markets which have a synergy in technology. We have been pioneers in launching the Li-Ion based Battery packs and BMS for the Electric Vehicle segment. We are now leveraging this knowledge to build Battery Energy Storage Systems. We will supply these BESS to Tata Power, which is a leading integrated Energy company of the Tata Group,”

–Goel said

The recently opened BESS facility, spanning 22,227 square feet, will cater to the growing energy storage market and have a capacity of 6 GWH. Previously, Tata AutoComp had contracted with Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, a division of Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited, to supply BESS for its renewable projects.