BatX Energies and MG Motor India collaborate to launch off-grid solar EV charger using reused batteries

The partnership between MG Motor India and BatX Energies, a greenfield firm established in 2020, is intended to power India’s first off-grid solar EV charging station using reused MG EV batteries, according to the company’s claims.

With the help of Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation, BatX Energies and MG have developed a second-life battery storage system that will give used batteries from MG EVs a second chance at life. The product, which is currently in the industrialization phase, is a solar EV charging station that operates off-grid and is intended to The effort, which the partners claim is another attempt by MG Motor India and BatX Energies to give thrust to a circular and sustainable economy, will minimize dependency on traditional electricity sources and cut carbon emissions connected with standard EV charging used for charging two- to four-wheelers.

“We believe that by championing the principles of the circular economy and harnessing the potential of repurposing used batteries to create a positive impact on the environment. And this collaboration with BatX Energies aligns with our vision to create a greener future for the society.”

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy MD, MG Motor India.

“This marks a crucial step in sustainable mobility, showcasing innovation and our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. As we pioneer this initiative, we envision further collaborations with OEMs, reshaping India’s EV landscape. This second-life battery storage system, starting at 20kWh and scalable up to 100kWh, supported by 6.6kW of solar power, signifies a transformative shift in energy solutions. Generating approximately 40kWh daily which is equivalent to 40 units.”

Vikrant Singh, Co-Founder and CTO, BatX Energies said.

In addition to its products and customer programs, MG Motor India claims to have installed over 15,000 charging touchpoints, including home and public chargers, nationwide and to have created a robust EV environment with its 6-way charging infrastructure. To strengthen the EV ecosystem, MG has strategically partnered with industry leaders like Tata Power, Delta Electronics, and Fortum to ensure the creation of a robust charging infrastructure.

Partnerships with BPCL and Jio-BP have also been crucial in establishing charging stations at key touchpoints across the country. Moreover, the company is collaborating with its partners to set up EV charging infrastructure for battery recycling, reuse, and life extension.

With an emphasis on environmentally friendly low OPEX and CAPEX reusable chemical-based extraction technologies, BatX Energies significantly lowers carbon emissions while also empowering local scrap collectors to enter the organized sector, establish a dependable supply chain, and position India as a leader in clean and new energy technologies.