Best Electric Rickshaw Conversion Kit in India

Best Electric Rickshaw Conversion Kit in India

Approximately 8 million auto-rickshaws are on the roads of India, serving as both a major form of transportation for people of all socioeconomic levels and the primary source of daily revenue for millions of drivers. India cannot replace all of its autorickshaws with electric ones but surely can convert them. In this blog, we will see all companies providing electric rickshaw conversion kits.

In a country like India, electric conversion kits are being accepted by the market as fuel prices continue to soar. Retrofitting or installing an electric conversion kit is the process of adapting an outdated system with modern technologies. All automobiles will eventually be powered by electricity, therefore conversion kits and retrofitting services will be highly sought after. Not everyone can afford new electric automobiles because of their higher price. Conversion kits come into play in this situation.

Auto-rickshaws are the primary form of public transportation in India, hence turning them into e-rickshaws is becoming necessary. Although many businesses have introduced their electric rickshaws, due to their higher initial costs, not every rickshaw driver can afford to purchase one.

Remodeling the current ICE rickshaw is now necessary for this circumstance. The converted electric rickshaw will have an identical layout and number of seats as the standard vehicle. The sole difference will be that it is typically more energy-efficient, needs less maintenance, and costs you far less to operate than a three-wheeler with a petrol engine.

Cost of Electric Rickshaw Conversion in India?

A new ICE autorickshaw ranges in price from Rs 2 to Rs 2.5 lakh, depending on the type. Additionally, it only costs about one-fifth of the original rickshaw’s cost to convert it to an electric rickshaw. A brand-new electric rickshaw would set you back roughly 3.5 lakhs. An electric rickshaw can reduce its operating expenses by 40% to 50%, depending on several factors.

As a result, owners can recoup the cost of the equipment in around 12 to 15 months. Additionally, converting the current ICE 3-wheeler to an electric 3-wheeler may be done quickly.

Top Electric Rickshaw Conversion Kit in India With Price

  • RAC Energy RxEV300 Electric Propulsion Kit

The electric vehicle startup RACEnergy is situated in Hyderabad and produces retrofit kits for auto rickshaws. The development and testing of the conversion kit to transform a traditional three-wheeled rickshaw into an electric rickshaw took the business about two years.

This conversion kit will set you back about Rs. 50,000. This model stands out from others because of its low cost. This device uses a battery-swapping operating system. The cost of the battery is therefore not included. Only the energy consumed at the battery swap station is charged to the driver. In Hyderabad, this conversion kit is operational with success.

The fact that the rickshaw driver doesn’t have to worry about managing the battery is the primary benefit of battery swapping. The motorist would just use the battery as a service, and the firm would own it. We just pay for the energy we use. Additionally, the lack of a gearbox and clutch enables the driver to drive skillfully and accept more rides than they otherwise would have.

A battery monitoring display, efficiency meter, completely digital instrument cluster, and smart alert are included in this E Rickshaw Conversion kit.

Specifications and Price

Motor Capacity 5000

Range 80-100 km

Top speed 45 kmph

Transmission Automatic

Peak power 6900 W

Torque 45 Nm

Price Rs. 50,000

  • Volta Passenger Retro

A company that produces both new and modified electric cars is called Volta Automotive India Pvt Ltd. These retrofitting models transform current rickshaws powered by IC engines into electric rickshaws. The company offers two retrofitting models, one with a range of 100 km and the other with a range of 150 km. The size of the battery is the only distinction. The kit includes a safety button with SMS and an optional GPS/GPRS system.

Specifications and Price

Top Speed 50 Kmph

Battery 5.4 kWh

Battery Types LiFePo4

Battery Capacity 90-100 KM

Battery Life 2000 cycles

Warranty 12 months

Display Digital LCD Display

This kit comes in 2 different price range.

  • For 100 km – Approx. 1,80,000 including GST
  • For 150 km – Approx. 2,45,000 including GST
  • MotorKit 48V 1200W E rickshaw motor kit

High torque, a 1200W motor, a 70-amp controller with a 32 tube throttle, and a 33″/35″ rear axle differential with a forwarding-reverse switch are all included in this MotorKit kit.

Motor Type 50 48V-1200W

Controller 48 V – 70 A

Price Rs. 28,000

  • Gogoa1 BLDC Traction Motor Kit

Gogoa1 e-rickshaw conversion kit includes a 4kW (maximum 5kW) 9Nm 3200rpm 48V BLDC electric motor, a 150A controller, and a throttle. A new model such as the Bajaj RE, Piaggio Ape, TVS Auto, Atul Auto, Maruti 800, Tata Nano, Bajaj Auto, Maruti Zen, Hyundai Santro, Maruti WagonR, and Maruti Alto is most suited for conversion with this kit.

Price of this kit: Rs. 70,000 + GST

Seeing the number of autorickshaw India have, there is a huge demand for the electric rickshaw conversion kit. If you are looking to venture into this business and want in-depth details about the same, then you can contact us on

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