Blackbuck EV collaborates with Sika Automotive for lightweight vehicle development

A Hyderabad-based startup, Blackbuck EV, has partnered with Sika Automotive, a global provider of sealing, bonding, damping, and reinforcing solutions, to improve the design of lightweight electric vehicles.

Blackbuck EV specializes in developing lightweight skateboard electric bus platforms in India, which use materials like composites, aluminium, and stainless steel. Sika Automotive offers solutions for various vehicle segments, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

The collaboration between the two companies aims to leverage Sika’s expertise in bonding different materials and ensuring adherence to global standards. Blackbuck EV recently launched the ELON 3X model, a lightweight EV platform that requires advanced adhesive and bonding solutions for its assembly. Sika’s products are well suited for this purpose, as they have proven performance in various applications.

Mr. Ramakrishnam Raju, CEO of Blackbuck EV, expressed his satisfaction with Sika’s products, saying that they are essential for their product development process. He also highlighted the importance of advanced joining solutions in creating durable and efficient electric vehicles. Mr. Martin Gansner, Corporate Market Field Manager of Transportation APAC at Sika, praised Blackbuck EV’s innovative approach to vehicle design during a visit to their facility. He noted the use of various plastics and sandwich technology integrated with a stainless-steel structure in Blackbuck EV’s vehicle. He said that this combination not only promises lightweight construction but also ensures durability in combination with high-quality adhesive solutions.

The partnership between Blackbuck EV and Sika Automotive is a promising step towards achieving a sustainable, clean-energy future. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in India and across the world, as they offer environmental and economic benefits. By using lightweight materials and advanced technologies, Blackbuck EV and Sika Automotive aim to create electric vehicles that are safe, comfortable, and efficient.