Blue Energy Motors’ Eco-Friendly Trucks Surpass 10 Million Kilometers on India’s Highways

Blue Energy Motors, a pioneer in the field of sustainable truck manufacturing, is thrilled to announce a landmark achievement as its BEM truck fleet clocks over 10 million kilometers on roads across India, catering to diverse needs of Fortune 500 corporations.

This significant milestone not only demonstrates the durability and efficiency of BEM trucks but also emphasizes their substantial contribution to environmental preservation. By covering 10 million kilometers, Blue Energy Motors has successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3000 tonnes, an achievement comparable to the environmental benefits provided by 120,000 fully grown trees.

With the Indian trucking sector expected to quadruple by 2050, from 4 million trucks in 2022 to 17 million, this expansion, while economically advantageous, poses challenges due to the potential increase in transportation-related emissions. Therefore, it’s crucial that environmentally friendly trucks become integral to creating a more sustainable and clean transportation system.

A recent analysis by Niti Ayog identifies LNG as a promising substitute for diesel-powered trucks, predicting that LNG-fueled heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) could account for 10% of total HDV sales annually by 2032. Green trucks, known for their minimal tailpipe emissions and the prospect of long-term fuel savings, offer a practical alternative to traditional diesel trucks. In response, the Indian government is proactively encouraging the adoption of green trucks through supportive policies and infrastructure advancements for LNG vehicles.

“Achieving over 10 million kilometers is a testament to the effectiveness and dependability of our zero-emission truck technology. The Indian government’s support for alternative fuel green trucks, along with the enhancement of LNG truck infrastructure, propels our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of heavy-duty trucking and addressing the challenges of climate change through transportation.”

Anirudh Bhuwalka, CEO of Blue Energy Motors, stated,

Since its establishment, Blue Energy Motors has led the charge in transforming India’s transport sector with solutions that significantly lower carbon emissions. This achievement reinforces the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its ambition to foster a more sustainable and greener future for India.