Bolt.Earth, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Collaborate to ease EV charging for 3-wheelers

Bolt.Earth, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Collaborate to ease EV charging for 3-wheelers

Bolt.Earth, the top provider of EV charging infrastructure in India, partnered with Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Ltd (MLMML), the country’s top producer of electric three-wheelers, to give EV consumers hassle-free access to charging stations today. Through this partnership, users can access Bolt.Earth charging stations via MLMML’s integrated NEMO Driver app. The NEMO Driver App, which has over 11 key functions, is presently changing the landscape of electric vehicles. Offering a wide variety of cutting-edge connected mobility experiences is its goal. By enabling the creation of a new generation of linked and shared services, this cloud-based platform actively promotes electric transportation.

Bolt.Earth Over 150K consumers in India have had their energy needs met by Earth’s charging network, which has distributed over 1000Mwh of electricity. There are 4,700 recharge stations in all.

This covers various tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 Indian cities as well as 4,700 charging stations in Bangalore, 3,500 in Delhi-NCR, 2,800 in Hyderabad, and other locations.Among these, over a thousand charging stations are designated for electric three-wheelers, and numerous more are constantly being installed. You can find them all by using the free NEMO Driver app from Google Play.

Bolt.Earth’s Head of Strategy and Leadership, Raghav Bharadwaj, commented, “Bolt.Earth’s mission is to transform the EV landscape across geographies with easy-to-install charging infrastructure. Partnering with MLMML will echo our vision to establish India as the electric future hub in global markets. Our strategic collaboration will pave new ways for Indian EV users across pin codes to access our state-of-the-art charging infrastructure. We are excited to work with partners like Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Ltd towards our goal of powering India’s EV ecosystem.”

Ms. Suman Mishra, MD and CEO of MLMML, commented on the affiliation, saying, “Our partnership with Bolt.Earth demonstrates our dedication to promoting a sustainable future for India.” Our commitment to promoting electric mobility and providing our clients with practical, environmentally friendly solutions is demonstrated by the noteworthy ramp-up of 1000 charging stations.

About Bolt.Earth

Bolt.Earth wants to encourage cleaner transportation in developing nations. With over 30,000 charging stations and still expanding, the firm is currently the biggest supplier of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions in India! Bolt.Earth provides fleet operators, enterprises, real estate firms, individuals, and governmental entities with charging solutions. Visit for additional details about Bolt.Earth.