Bounce Infinity collaborates with SUN Mobility to roll out 30,000 electric scooters

Bounce Infinity collaborates with SUN Mobility to roll out 30,000 electric scooters

On February 18, 2024, Bounce Infinity announced its collaboration with SUN Mobility, planning to roll out 30,000 of its electric scooters in major markets throughout India. 

This initiative will begin in February, starting with Bangalore and Hyderabad, and will soon expand to include Mumbai, Pune, and the Delhi NCR region, as stated by Bounce Infinity.

These scooters will create the milieu for charging infra firms to bolster its journey as an energy operators, the e-two-wheeler said. SUN Mobility, a swappable battery and charging infra firm, currently has over 600 swap stations across 19 cities in the country, according to the statement. Bounce said it along with SUN Mobility also plans to launch this solution in export markets.

“Our collaboration with SUN Mobility is a crucial step in our mission to revolutionize urban mobility. By eliminating charging hassles with instant battery swaps, we’re making a clean commute not just accessible but affordable for people”

said Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO of Bounce Infinity.

According to the business, the Infinity E1 scooter has characteristics designed specifically for urban commuting and is combined with the swappable battery technology of SUN Mobility.

“By integrating Bounce Infinity’s scooters into our expansive battery-swapping network, we’re not just changing the way people commute; we’re shaping the future of sustainable, efficient transport,”

said Anant Badjatya, CEO at SUN Mobility.

Bounce Infinity, which boasts more than 70 dealerships around the country, is expanding its distribution network at a swift pace to facilitate the transition towards cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation options.

About SUN Mobility

SUN Mobility is an electric vehicle energy services company that provides battery-swapping solutions for various types of electric vehicles. It was founded in 2017 by Uday Khemka and Chetan Maini, who are also the promoters of SUN Group and Maini Group respectively. SUN Mobility aims to make electric mobility affordable and accessible to the masses by separating the battery from the vehicle and offering it on a pay-as-you-go model. It has over 600 battery-swapping stations across 19 cities in India and plans to power 10 lakh vehicles by 2025.